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Xu Kai and Tan Songyun To Sizzle Up Screens

Xu Kai and Tan Songyun To Sizzle Up Screens

While official word has yet to be out, actors Xu Kai (許凱) and Tan Songyun (譚松韻) are rumored to be headlining new entrepreneurship-themed drama, As Beautiful As You <你比星光美麗>! Fans and netizens are looking forward to seeing Xu Kai take on the overbearing male protagonist for the first time, while Tan Songyun has channelled sizzling chemistry no matter who she pairs with – leaving fans excited over the duo’s sparks!

Entrepreneurship Arc Meets Romance

As Beautiful As You centers on IT firm employee Jixing (Tan Songyun), a young woman who decisively quits to launch her own business as an entrepreneur. Meeting with challenges, Jixing’s team mates almost lose hope, when her unique perspective wins the admiration and support of Dongyang Technology’s CEO Zhao Ting (Xu Kai). With Zhao Ting’s financial backing, Jixing’s company Xingchen finally gets on track.

Entrepreneurship is never smooth-sailing, adding to that Jixing’s breakup with her first love after seven years, the double whammy almost causes her to break down. While the development of her new product keeps on encountering difficulties, Jixing and Zhao Ting’s relationship progresses from mentor and disciple, to that of business partners and friends, as the two soulmates find themselves irresistibly attracted to each other…

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