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What’s the impact of the drought in the Rhine River?

What’s the impact of the drought in the Rhine River?

Video Duration 24 minutes 30 seconds

From: Inside Story

Dropping water levels in Germany’s crucial river are threatening its shipping industry. 

Many countries are in the grip of intense heatwaves that are causing some of the world’s crucial rivers to dry up.

In parts of Europe, waterways have dropped to near-record levels, halting marine traffic and disrupting factories and industries.

Now, Germany is facing a crisis as the Rhine River – its most important shipping route – becomes difficult for ships to navigate.

That is not only affecting freight supplies and costs but its energy sector, too.

So what will this mean for Europe’s struggling largest economy?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Ulrich Brueckner – Professor of political science at Stanford University in Berlin

Nick Sitter – Professor of public policy at Central European University and BI Norwegian Business School

Hubertus Bardt – Managing director and head of research at the German Economic Institute

Published On 19 Aug 2022

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