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WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. says Biden’s ‘Moloch’ Speech was Reminiscent of Hitler and Mussolini

WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. says Biden’s ‘Moloch’ Speech was Reminiscent of Hitler and Mussolini

Donald Trump Jr. spoke to Benny Johnson on Friday after Joe Biden’s divisive speech attacking conservatives in Philadelphia on Thursday night.

“What did you think about the Moloch worship last night with Joe Biden?” Johnson asked, referring to the blood red backdrop Biden employed while giving his speech attacking the 74 million Americans who voted for his political opponent Donald Trump.

“It was ridiculous, actually,” Trump said. “It’s scary. I guess what I’d do, just for perspective for people, is like, imagine if Donald Trump made that speech, about 75 million Democrat voters.

“You can be a Democrat,” he said to viewers, explaining what Biden was saying, “but like your conservative brother, your MAGA Uncle, your MAGA dad, they are a threat to democracy.” 

“If that’s not a call to violence,” Trump said, “in his like, in his subtle— I don’t know what is. I hope to God that it is not.”

“They are trying to weaponize whatever they can against Donald Trump against the MAGA movement, against America First Republicans and conservatives, this sort of new conservative movement, Trump said.

Trump Jr. said that the old conservative movement “just roll over every time the Democrats push back, so the Democrats were find with their existence.”

But it’s the new group of conservatives, Trump said, that actually take a stand, who will not “sit by and watch these idiots destroy our country,” that Biden and the Democrats are trying to discredit in speeches like these.

Trump slammed Biden’s foreign policy as well as his domestic efforts to remake society from the top down, to try to align the American middle class with his elitist priorities.

“The incompetence, it goes on and on,” Trump said. “But if Donald Trump gave that speech, imagine what the media would do. If Donald Trump had that background for any speech, Imagine what they would do.” 

“If we had a real media,” Trump said, “they would be going nuts right now, they wouldn’t be running cover desperately for a speech that looked like if Mussolini and Hitler got together and decided how to speak in pre-World War Two Europe.”

“Honestly,” Trump said, “the imagery was exactly that, like you can clip line by line, and any one of them— you’re telling me that’s not something out of the Reichstag at this point?”

He pointed out that instead, this speech with its dark imagery, it’s call backs to 20th century European aggression, it’s incredibly divisive rhetoric, was in front of the place where our nation was founded, Independence Hall.

“It’s a disgrace to our country,” Trump said, “that he can vilify that many Americans and then, they’ll go on in the same speech talking about unity. ‘I hate your guts. I hate your values. You are a threat to our freedom. You are a threat to democracy, but I’m here to unify our country.’”

“Come on, guys,” he said, “You can’t have it both ways.”

“Now, again, our media is so broken, they’re so partisan, they’re such hacks,  they’re so far leftist, they’ll do whatever they can to pretend that that didn’t happen,” Trump said.

“I watched Joe Biden in that speech,” he said. “He said we should all call out violence against police officers, but he took a single day and said ‘that’s a disgrace’ while ignoring two years of what seemed like targeted attacks on the police under BLM, Antifa where his own vice president wanted to bail these people out.”

In 2020, Kamala Harris backed the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which has repeatedly bailed people out of jail who then go on to commit far worse crimes than the ones for which they were originally charged and released. Recently, they bailed out a man who then went and killed his girlfriend.

“You can’t have it both ways. And yet each and every day, they get to have it both ways Benny, they get to have the media run cover for them, pretend the dumb stuff that comes out of this dolt’s mouth didn’t actually happen. And yet it continues every day,” Trump said.

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