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The Last Dance inspires a David Beckham documentary coming to Netflix

The Last Dance inspires a David Beckham documentary coming to Netflix

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By Martin Graham | 14th Jul 2022

David Beckham is in partnership with Netflix to produce a documentary on his life and career.  The documentary does not have a release date but will be directed and produced by Fisher Stevens and John Battsek.

More athletes are taking to the big screen to tell their stories. On June 17, Paul Pogba released his documentary, the Pogmentary. The series looked at the French midfielder’s time at Manchester United and as he tried to explain his reasons for leaving the Red Devils. The Pogmentary received poor ratings.

Making documentaries about athletes and sports teams is not new, but it is now a growing fad with more sportsmen and women joining the fray. Despite the failure of the Pogmentary, more athletes are willing to try their hands at telling their stories.

Some athletes who were successful in telling their stories are Mike Tyson (Tyson) and Usain Bolt (I am Bolt). The list would not be complete without the 1996 documentary Rumble in the Jungle – When we were kings.

Manchester United legend David Beckham is willing to give it a go in a Netflix documentary similar to  The Last Dance.

Beckham to go on the big screen

Netflix is at it again, and they have landed a big fish. The streaming giants have confirmed a documentary that focuses on the life of Manchester United and England legend David Beckham is in the pipeline.

The documentary is akin to The Last Dance, which centres around the life of Michael Jordan in his active years.

The 47-year-old club owner will speak in an interview as part of his account in a series that shows his modest childhood in East London.

It would also highlight his motivation for superstardom. The documentary will also have previously-unseen personal archive footage that dates back to the last 40 years. There will be input from family, friends and the people who helped to shape his football career and made him a success. Finally, the series will look into his life outside the beautiful game.

The series is still nameless and without a release date, but the director is known. Fisher Stevens will direct and executively produce the series with another Academy Award winner John Battsek. The production will be done by the television company Studio 99, which belongs to David Beckham, in association with Ventureland.

Confirmation of the series

David Beckham could not hide his excitement at the upcoming project. He was quick to Instagram to tell his fans and followers. In a joint Instagram post with Netflix on Wednesday afternoon, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player wrote that he was excited to confirm the partnership with Netflix on a documentary series about his life and career.

Beckham also wrote the series would feature footage not seen before and interviews with people who have been a part of his journey.

In the Instagram post, Beckham named Fisher Stevens and John Battsek as the directors and producers of the series. The Instagram post had a picture of him in a United jersey as a child and present day. It shows fans what to expect from the documentary.

Beckham was captivated by The Last Dance. The 10-episode documentary on the upbringing and NBA career of basketball legend Michael Jordan became a motivation for the former Premier League star to pursue a documentary about himself.

Martin Graham is an MFF sports writer

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