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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Relationship: A Complete Timeline

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Relationship: A Complete Timeline

She continued, “He was singing the Bon Iver part, the ‘I can see you standing honey, with his arms around your body, laughing but the joke’s not funny at all.’ He was just singing it. And I was entranced and asked if we could keep writing that one.”

As for “Betty,” it came about after Swift heard him singing “the entire fully formed chorus from another room.” She added, “This was the first time we had a conversation where I came in and I was like, ‘Hey, this could be really weird, and we could hate this, so because we’re in quarantine and there’s nothing else going on, could we just try to see what it’s like if we write this song together?’”

December 2020: Because Taylor Swift is apparently not human like the rest of us, she announced she would be dropping her ninth studio album, Evermore, on December 11 at midnight, calling it a sister album to July’s Folklore

Like Folklore, Evermore was written and produced with Jack Antonoff, The National’s Aaron Dessner, and one William Bowery, who we now know is Alwyn thanks to Swift’s reveal in her Disney+ special. 

Bowery/Alwyn has writing credits on three tracks: “Champagne Problems,” “Coney Island,” and “Evermore.” While “Champagne Problems” tells the story of a rejected proposal, Swift made it clear when introducing the album on social media that many of the stories, including that one, are fictional. It’s “the one where longtime college sweethearts had very different plans for the same night, one to end it and one who brought a ring.” He also plays piano on “Evermore.” 

However, wedding rumors were still swirling around Swift and Alwyn thanks to a very bridal-looking dress in the “Willow” video and the fact that in her re-recording of “Love Story,” the singer changed the lyrics from “Baby, just say yes” to “Baby just said yes.” 

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