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Tatler’s Monthly Horoscope: October 2022

Tatler’s Monthly Horoscope: October 2022

Diplomacy, harmony, and building stronger relationships take up a fair amount of energy heading into the new month. The Libra New Moon at the end of September launched a period of exploration and, possibly, experimenting with how to balance, compromise, and achieve fairness between different interests or parties. Mercury, representing logic and communication, helpfully turns direct on October 2, cutting down on crossed messages and misinterpretation between people. Powerful outer planet Pluto also turns direct on October 9, lifting some survival anxiety or insecurities. These shifts lighten the mood considerably and give a boost to human connection.

The period following the Full Moon in Aries on October 10 is lively and optimistic. Besides Mercury and Pluto turning direct, so do Saturn and major asteroids Vesta and Juno. Blockages we may have been feeling—especially related to self-imposed restrictions, questionable commitments, or intimate partnerships—may work themselves out as the month progresses. These more easeful, natural energies support the call of the Aries moon during the two weeks in mid-October. At this time, we are propelled forward with a new sense of self and belief in our unique individuality. Pushy and aggressive vibes can come up, but with the Sun and Venus joining energies in the latter half of October, this Aries period is more likely to be marked by friendliness and social support.

In societal terms, the tension between Saturn and Uranus—a holdover from 2021—potentially reaches fever pitch once again. Rules and regulations supposedly safeguarding collective needs continue to chafe against new realities in the climate, financial markets, and world peace and security. At this point, it may still be hard to see where or how the chips will fall. Beginning with the Scorpio New Moon solar eclipse on October 25, a time for digging deeper and truth-seeking begins. Five days later Mars, representing forward momentum and fire energy, turns retrograde and enters something like hibernation until January 2023. At this point, there will not be much left to do but face the music and contemplate next moves.  


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