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Refugee, 22, to return to war-torn Ukraine after married British lover ends romance

Refugee, 22, to return to war-torn Ukraine after married British lover ends romance

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A Ukranian refugee is now heading back to her war-torn country after splitting up with a British man who took her in and shunned his own marriage. Dad of two, Tony Garnett, met Sofiia Karkadym, 22, when his family decided to take in people fleeing the war with Russia. The pair soon struck up a romance, with Mr Garnett even pursuing a relationship with his new Ukrainian lover. But after just four months, he has now called time on their romance, according to the Daily Mail. 

The sudden split is reportedly due to a drunken dispute at their rented home in Bradford, where a knife was allegedly used to damage a wall – sparking intervention from the police.

An arrest was made, the Mail reports, and the couple temporarily separated this week. Despite Mr Garnett sending his lover packing, he reportedly called her last night to officially cut all ties.

Sofia had arrived in the UK at the start of May, but is now residing in temporary accommodation set up by the Home Office. She told the Daily Mail how she vowed not to give up on their relationship despite unsuccessful reconciliation attempts over the phone. 

Mr Garnett said there was no chance they would ever be a couple again and he was keen to ‘move on in with my life’. Officers are also said to have spoken to Sofiia, warning her not to contact her ex-lover. 

Tony, his wife Lorna and new lover Sofiia

Tony and his wife Lorna, took in Sofiia, (right) after she fled Ukraine (Image: Shutterstock)

Sofiia, 22, a Ukrainian refugee

Sofiia, 22, will reportedly keep working at her relationship with Tony, despite him ending it all (Image: Shutterstock)

Their growing romance was put to an abrupt halt after the incidents of last weekend, but with the Home Office yet to decide on the 22-year-old’s next moves, Mr Garnett is said to have made one final call to his ex to check in on her. 

But this hasn’t changed anything, and he has declared it’s over. He told the Mail: “I’m not heartless. I do feel sorry for her. But relationships do come to an end and this one is over. I hope we can be friends when all this hysteria has died down.

“I talked to her last night and told her that there was absolutely no chance of us getting back together.

“Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. She’ll be much better off in Ukraine or if she gets a new relationship, good luck to her.”

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Sofiia, from Ukraine

Sofiia fled the Ukraine in May (Image: Shutterstock)

Mr Garnett started getting feelings for Sofiia just days after she began living with him and his partner of 10 years, Lorna, 28, who is also the mother of his two daughters.

The pair decided to move out of Mr Garnett’s family home and create a new life together, a move which has now turned sour, leaving Sofiia on the brink of a return back to Ukraine and Mr Garnett alone. 

He had told the Mail that his decade-long relationship with his ex-wife had already been strained, but that he feared for his safety during Sofiia’s “regular outbursts” – which he described as anger and frustration. 

In his account to the Mail, he added: “I can’t take her abuse or anger any longer. I left Lorna and my two children for her, and I made every extra effort I could to help her keep us together.


“I worked so hard to make this relationship work. I knew that we would look like tw*ts if we broke up because we have a media profile and all the attention that has been put on us on television and on the internet.

“I also genuinely felt sorry for her. She left her home and her country which was at war and knew nobody here.

“Yes, I felt and I thought I was in love with her. But there is a side to her which I just cannot put up with any longer.”

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