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New app by Asher aims to replace brokers, ‘reinvent’ expedited trucking

New app by Asher aims to replace brokers, ‘reinvent’ expedited trucking

For some smart people with mad computer skills on the lookout looking for business processes fat with inefficiency, the supply chain is an area ripe for restructuring. Nitro Logistics Inc has just stepped up with its game changing app to connect shipper with drivers of expedited loads.

Nitro Logistics is a Texas-based startup with the modest aim of “reinventing the $800 billion trucking business,” or so says the first line of its news release. Nitro is led by Vikrant Asher, a Dubai raised young man who landed on US shores to pursue his master’s degree and was quick to identify the void in the industry to bring the shipper and drivers on a common platform.  The expedited loads industry in the country is dynamic, responsive and prompt.

Vikrant was able to bring together his American education about Informatics, Data analytics and his sound business skills to create the Nitro App which connects shippers to nearby drivers, creating efficiencies and helping them book and track jobs instantly.  This also alludes to the fact that technology is only as good as bringing it to the right level of use. The platform is now up and running and currently being used actively at both ends.

The American Trucking Association states that 72.5% of the nation’s freight is moved by trucks.

The goal is to use the technical experience and address the current trucking crisis in the country, in particular for expedited loads that need instant pickup and delivery targets to be met.

The basic tool is Nitro free “simple but pretty powerful mobile app” that sends along a load offers to carriers in the network. But the technology isn’t simply a expedited load list app that broadcasts freight opportunities to its members.

Instead, based on the characteristics of the load, the technology selects and notifies the most appropriate available trucker for the job. Proximity, in addition to having the right equipment, is a key consideration. The would-be carrier then has a limited amount of time to review the offer and accept or decline before the offer expires and goes to another carrier in the Nitro network. As the word of mouth spreads, we see more shippers and drivers sign up for the app.

The app couldn’t have a arrived at more appropriate time than now as the nation faces a huge trucking crisis with drivers looking for better rates and working conditions after being at the frontline during the pandemic.

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