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Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 has the craziest lineup to date

Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 has the craziest lineup to date

Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 is shaping up to be an unmissable competitive event. The latest installment in the championship series is bringing in some of the biggest names in gaming. This is going to be an event held for charity, with teams competing to raise cash.

Minecraft has a huge following on both game streaming platforms, but its esports don’t always grab as much attention. An upcoming event has bucked that trend though. The tournament uses a variety of games to make Minecraft into a tense competitive experience. This is how it’s all going to work:

minecraft pride 2022 teams

Minecraft Championship Pride 2022

The Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 is part of the wider Minecraft Championship. This is a creative series of events that manage to turn the sandbox game into a title that works for esports play. This tournament is going to be held to celebrate Pride Month, but it’s also raising money for charitable causes like The Trevor Project.

The event is going to be broken up into quite a few different rounds. There will be teams competing in eight different types of games. These include some basics like Parkour, survival, and combat. The teams get coins awarded depending on their performance in each round. The two teams with the most coins at the end of the event will compete directly to find the Ultimate Champion.

Minecraft Championship Pride Teams

The Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 has a packed roster of players. These are some of the biggest content creators in Minecraft, and in gaming on YouTube as a whole.

This is the roster of teams and players for the event: (We’ve divided them in two tables of five teams each)

Red Rabbits Orange Ocelots Yellow Yaks Lime Llamas Green Geckos
Dream Illumina Smajor Krtzyy Valkyrae
GeorgeNotFound InTheLittleWood Grian Spifey Ludwig
KarlJacobs Snifferfish Shubble Ponk Sykkuno
Foolish Gamers ElainaExe GeminiTay Eret Lazarbeam

And here’s the remaining five:

Cyan Coyotes Aqua Axolotls Blue Bats Purple Pandas Pink Pandas
5up TapL Vixella Jojosolos Jacksepticeye
Tubbo Antfrost KryticZeuZ KaraCorvus Ranboo
vGumiho RedVelvetCake DrGluon CaptainPuffy Crankgameplays
Aimsey GixxyGazza James Turner Nihachu Sapnap

This spread of players includes huge names from all of gaming like Ludwig, Valkyrae, and Lazarbeam. However, there are also some of the top Minecraft players here too. Some of these players are regulars at the MCC. However, others are making new appearances or turning up for the first time since very early seasons!

How to Watch Minecraft Championship Pride 2022

The tournament is going to be taking place on Saturday June 18. It kicks off at 8 PM BST, or 3 PM EST. It’ll be broadcast on TheNoxcrew channel.

Here viewers can watch the overall stream of the event that looks at how all teams are doing together. Some of the participants are likely to be streaming their point of view too. If you want to follow one team or your favorite content creator then you can head to their Twitch or YouTube to see how they’re doing.

Often, Minecraft Championship tournaments are YouTube partnered events. However, this time around it isn’t going to be paired up. This opens it up to players who aren’t limited to YouTube.

With such a stacked tournament, this is sure to be a tournament not to miss. Tune in to the Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 to see which of these teams takes home the win in the end.

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