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Kenya’s central bank orders banks to cease their partnerships with Flutterwave and Chipper Cash

Kenya’s central bank orders banks to cease their partnerships with Flutterwave and Chipper Cash

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has ordered commercial banks, microfinance banks, and mortgage finance companies to immediately end their partnerships with fintech unicorns, Flutterwave and Chipper Cash, in a circular dated July 29. 

“It has come to the attention of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) that Flutterwave Payments Technology Limited (Flutterwave) and Chipper Technologies Kenya Limited (Chipper) have been engaging in Money Remittance and Payment Services without licensing and authorisation by CBK,” Matu Mugo, deputy director of bank supervision at the CBK, said in the circular. 

“You are therefore directed to immediately cease and desist from dealing with Flutterwave and Chipper,” the circular reads. 

This circular is coming a day after the apex bank said that Flutterwave and Chipper Cash are not licensed to operate in Kenya as remittance operators and payment services.  “Flutterwave is not licensed to operate as a remittance provider or for that matter as a PSB service provider in Kenya. They are not licensed to operate and therefore they shouldn’t be operating. We can also say the same for Chipper Cash,” CBK’s governor, Patrick Njoroge, said during a Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting on Thursday, July 28.  

In a response to the CBK’s July 28 comment on July 28, obtained by TechCabal, Flutterwave had said that it entered Kenya through partnership with “banks and mobile operators licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya”. The company also claimed that it submitted an application to operate as a payment service provider in the country and has been in constant engagement with the CBK to ensure that it provides all the requirements for licensing and is consequently awaiting the issuance of the license.    

Kenyan banks were given a 7-week ultimatum, starting from July 29, to confirm compliance with the directives of the CBK. 

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