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Karen Nyamu responds to fans criticising her relationship with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu responds to fans criticising her relationship with Samidoh

In a recent social media exchange, Karen Nyamu showed that she is not one to be easily affected by critics questioning her relationship with Samidoh

Karen Nyamu, the Kenyan lawyer and politician, has been making headlines lately. Not for her political ambitions or activism, but for her relationship with popular musician Samidoh.

Their relationship has been the talk of the town, with many people questioning why she is dating a married man. Karen, however, is not one to shy away from criticism and has been clapping back at her critics with savage responses.

Karen Nyamu has been sharing a series of videos on social media showing her working out to keep fit.

Karen Nyamu

While many fans have been encouraging and supportive, there have been a few critics who have been quick to attack her.

One fan, identified as Kaylen Kay, commented on one of Karen’s workout videos, insinuating that she couldn’t find her own man despite all her efforts to keep fit.

All this fitness but still can’t find yourself your own man. This life has no balance,” the fan wrote

Karen Nyamu

She stated that finding your own man isn’t such a huge achievement and hoped that the fan had not included having a man in her life achievement list.

“Me na hope tu hujaweka having ur own man kwa cv ukithani ni achievement,” she said.

In yet another epic response, Karen gave a fan a dose of their own medicine after the person told her that Samidoh is not leaving his wife Edday anytime soon.

Karen Nyamu

The fan made a comment stating that the real wife will always be there, insinuating that Karen was just a temporary fling.

“Haahaaa. Imagine na real wife Ni roto na hamuachi ata awe nni, kweli life no balance,” the fan wrote.

However, Karen did not waste time and immediately responded that she is comfortable and okay with Samidoh having his wife.

“Amwache alafu atatoa wapi mwingine kam huyo anatuwacha tufanye vile tunataka.

“(Where will he get another one who let’s us do whatever we want if he leaves her),”She said.

Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu broke up with singer Samidoh in December 2022 after causing drama at Samidoh’s concert in Dubai.

The two have however been spotted together on several occasions, an issue that has since caused problems between Samidoh and his wife Edday Nderitu.

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