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IEI Celebrates Its 25th Year in Business

IEI Celebrates Its 25th Year in Business

Pomona, CA, April 18, 2022 –(– IEI, a global IoT solutions provider, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Founded in 1996, IEI Group now has over 3,000 employees, 3 manufacturing centers, 4 logistics centers, 15 sales offices, and operations in 28 countries. With a strong local presence and a global outlook, IEI has developed into an internationally renowned brand in the integration of comprehensive systems for the Internet of Things, and its products are widely appreciated by customers worldwide.

In recent years, IEI has turned its focus to AI, networking, and smart healthcare to create a more convenient smart life, using innovative 5G and edge computing technologies. IEI provides first-class ODM customization services, and has launched a large amount of cloud-to-end products and solutions, ranging from factory automation, networking, smart buildings, smart retail, smart transportation to digital healthcare. These high-quality products are widely used in the Internet of Things applications in today’s smart cities, creating a more convenient and comfortable environment for people’s lives.

The world begins to map out its technological development, and IEI sees itself as a key player in the new technology development sector, especially in the Artificial Intelligent of Things (AIoT). IEI continues to work with leading technology companies and suppliers to develop various products for the demands of network communication and edge computing, and to develop more relevant products. As the global population is aging and healthcare is critical to today’s society, IEI will keep providing smart healthcare solutions to improve the quality of care. Consistently developing new solutions and products to contribute to smart life is what IEI aims at, no matter in target markets or for other potential opportunities.

In the past 25 years, IEI has been maintaining its original intention and passion to create infinite possibilities with “innovative thinking, innovative products and innovative solutions.” IEI never forgets its responsibility to society and its employees in business operation. It upholds the spirit of integrity and mutual trust with its global partners and colleagues to provide better solutions and products for the world to achieve intelligent life. In response to the wave of environmental protection and energy saving, IEI complies with international environmental protection policies to develop green products and take actions in the best interests of the environment, including the use of green materials/ sustainable packaging, recycling of waste products, and many more. All of IEI products are ensured to comply with EU RoHS directive.

Words from CEO

Since inception, IEI has maintained corporate commitment, vision, mission and value to pursue great technology in the hope of creating infinite possibilities through intelligent innovation.

Many of the business models we accustomed to in the past are greatly affected, and even subverted due to the pandemic. It is a crisis, but we see it as an opportunity! IEI is well prepared to face the new normal of the post pandemic. All IEI employees are ready to continuously devote to digital transformation and provide new solutions for the post pandemic era by proposing specific countermeasures in all development phases.

With the three core values -innovation, enthusiasm and integrity-in mind, we will keep making progress and continue to work together with our employees and partners to provide unparalleled solutions to society and our customers. By adhering to the principle of environmental protection, we are sure to create a sustainable smart life that is more than expectation – Good, and even better.

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