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How Robert de Niro’s Kindness Led to a Friendship as Strong as Steel With Meryl Streep

How Robert de Niro’s Kindness Led to a Friendship as Strong as Steel With Meryl Streep

When we think of the great stars of the Hollywood big screen, Robert De Niro is one of the first to come to mind. This actor has played different characters that became classics worldwide, but he won our hearts with his incredible charisma. An excellent witness is Meryl Streep, one of the first to receive De Niro’s kindness.

At Bright Side, we want to tell you a little bit about the actor’s extensive career and what was the great act of kindness that Meryl Streep will never forget.

From minor actor to a Hollywod star

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De Niro was born in 1943 in New York City, and his parents were artists, so we could say that creativity runs in his blood. He was studying acting at a conservatory, but at the age of 16, he decided to drop out and started working in very small plays on Broadway. His talent was unquestionable, so he landed minor appearances in films, always portraying violent or antagonistic characters.

Finally, he worked for director Martin Scorsese in the film Mean Streets. This role was very important for his career since, with it, he impressed director Francis Ford Coppola, who offered him a role in The Godfather II. With this role, he won his first Oscar. Thus his career evolved until he became the grumpy old man we love so much in today’s movies.

His great charisma

Despite his impressive career and great popularity, De Niro never ceased to be the simple person he was before fame came knocking at his door. He often talks about how one doesn’t have to take for granted the opportunities life gives you: “You have to be very careful with fame because it’s very fleeting,” he mentioned in an interview. “Nobody is indispensable. You have to be smart about it. Just make the most of it, do your job and be happy you got to where you got to.”

His great personality charmed many Hollywood personalities. You can tell that because he has wonderful friendships. Think of Al Pacino, whose career developed alongside Robert’s, or Robin Williams: a long friendship arose between the two after Robin accidentally dislocated our actor’s nose during filming. But the most popular friendship and the one fans like the most is Meryl Streep’s.

How De Niro’s kindness impressed Meryl Streep

Meryl used to appear in minor plays and was John Cazale’s girlfriend at the time. Cazale was a great actor. He appeared in The Godfather, and they were really in love. But the couple had financial problems. These worsened when they learned that John was suffering from terminal cancer, and they were unable to cover the medical expenses. At that time, they got the opportunity to work in the movie The Deer Hunter, with De Niro.

Sadly, because of John’s diagnosis, the production team decided to fire him, as the cost of his medical insurance was too high. De Niro decided to prevent this by offering to cover his insurance. He also threatened to quit if John was fired and insisted that Cazale’s scenes be the first to be filmed, to allow him to go and treat his illness. “He was sicker than we thought, but I wanted him to be in the movie,” De Niro said.

The great friendship that was born thereafter

That act of kindness touched the actress’ heart. It could only lead to the birth of a great friendship between the two Oscar winners. Throughout their careers, they have starred together in three films and publicly shown support and great respect for each other. On these occasions, you can feel their tenderness and affection for each other because such a friendship is not easy to find.

De Niro even said in a speech before presenting Streep with an award, “Meryl seems to have no imperfections. And I say that with the greatest love for you, Meryl. I love you very much.”

What moment brought you and your best friend together?

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