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HotelKey and OTA Insight Partner to Provide Rate Data and Actionable Insights

HotelKey and OTA Insight Partner to Provide Rate Data and Actionable Insights

DALLAS, Texas, and DENVER, Colorado—HotelKey announced a partnership with OTA Insight to give hotels access to rate data and actionable insights to make effective pricing decisions. By combining automation and data, the partnership allows hotel leaders and commercial decision-makers to optimize their strategies, bringing data all to one place.

The strategic partnership introduces new API capabilities, including OTA Insight’s data API, drawing on a daily stream of two billion rate data points. The collaboration also offers hotels Parity, Demand, Search, Review, and Ranking APIs, with OTB and Benchmark APIs launching soon.

HotelKey CEO and co-founder, Fareed Ahmad, said, “We are happy to partner with OTA Insight to bring uniquely powerful competitive pricing and strategic planning capabilities to our partner hotels. OTA Insight is a leading provider of competitive pricing data in the hospitality industry, and together we are excited to help hoteliers set more effective rates to create efficiencies and drive revenue.”

Dave Collier, chief revenue officer at OTA Insight, said, “HotelKey’s innovative suite of products solve the most complex and evolving challenges in the hospitality industry. Our new collaboration equips operators with powerful tools tailored to meet their needs. We are excited to further expand the partnership in the future.”

OTA Insight and HotelKey will continue to build on their existing capabilities as new APIs are rolled out in the future. APIs being considered include a feed to provide a real-time on-the-books view within Rate Insight, as well as APIs to share market demand data and benchmark data with HotelKey. Additional detail on these capabilities will be announced in the future.

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