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Fellaz, an Entertainment NFT Solution Platform, Signs a Partnership With Duelist King, a Global P2E Trading Card Game

Fellaz, an Entertainment NFT Solution Platform, Signs a Partnership With Duelist King, a Global P2E Trading Card Game

Press Release

Apr 30, 2022 10:56 EDT

SINGAPORE, April 30, 2022 (

Fellaz, a web3 NFT solution platform for the entertainment industry, announced today a partnership with Duelist King, a global multi-chain masterpiece TCG (Trading Card Game). Based on this partnership, Fellaz will have the opportunity to onboard the upcoming NFT collections and metaverse characters into a game ecosystem. 

Fellaz is a web3 NFT platform for the next generation of the entertainment business. Coined as entertainment 3.0, Fellaz is the first service to establish a comprehensive web3 paradigm for the entertainment business where new value is created for creators and fans alike by incentivizing autonomous participation in building the brand while allowing fans a better engagement as stakeholders using blockchain technology and NFTs, in particular. Currently, Fellaz is preparing to roll out its proprietary NFT launchpad service and other services that will aid both the creators and the fans. 

Duelist King is a blockchain-based global NFT game developed by DKDAO LLC, a global team of blockchain veterans and game developers. Duelist King was developed using a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) so that the card issuance, distribution, and distribution of profits used in the game can be done fairly and transparently through its decentralized mechanism. It is also worth noting that the project is officially supported by prominent layer1 chains such as, Cronos, Cardano, Polygon, and Fantom.

Meanwhile, Fellaz is currently preparing to launch an NFT-based metaverse K-pop idol in collaboration with a major K-pop content and entertainment company in South Korea. In addition, Fellaz has signed partnerships with the highly successful K-pop artist-based PFT NFT project, Sunmiya Club.

Charles Sung, a Fellaz official commented, “There is a long list of things we are excited about regarding today’s partnership. Today’s partnership will present new opportunities for our current NFT partners and upcoming partners from the mainstream entertainment industry in expanding our reach into the gaming world and also making a reputable presence in the Vietnamese market as well.”

Nicole Nguyen, CMO and Co-founder of Duelist King expressed her excitement about such collaboration, “The partnership between Fellaz and Duelist King will open up more opportunities for both parties to offer cross-game utilities and collaboration at the convergence of metaverse and the reality. Stay tuned for our upcoming partnership milestones!”

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Simon Han

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