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Draymond Green taunts Ja Morant, Grizzlies relentlessly on Saturday night

Draymond Green taunts Ja Morant, Grizzlies relentlessly on Saturday night

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Draymond Green vs. Ja Morant is the new Twitter feud we never knew that we all needed.

As Draymond Green gets ready for NBA championship parade No. 4, the Golden State Warriors star went after Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies franchise on Twitter late into Saturday night.

Golden State was able to get past Memphis in their extremely chippy best-of-seven Western Conference Semifinals series a few weeks back. However, Memphis looks like a team that is here to stay with Morant entering what should be his illustrious prime. As Golden State continues to revel in all the glory of its fourth league championship with this core, Green held nothing back.

The Warriors clearly live rent-free inside of the Grizzlies’ star player’s head, according to Green.

Morant is so spinning like a top after this dig by Green.

We absolutely cannot wait for Christmas when these teams meet for all the bragging rights.

Let’s just say that Morant is bout that when it comes to potential Christmas Day game smoke.

At this point, Green is doing everything in his power to get under Morant’s skin. I mean, why not?

Draymond Green relentlessly trolls Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies

Look. This is just part of Green’s charm, or why you hate him so much. The dude is the ultimate troll, so you are either all about it or he drives you up the wall like nobody’s business. This man was not only able to get an incredibly petty ring for the pinkie, but he did so while having one of the best NBA podcasts in the land. The Warriors and The Volume are so very lucky to have him.

As for Morant, the NBA’s Most Improved Player needs to step his game up even more in year four out of Murray State. He is already the best thing to happen to Memphis since Elvis Presley, or at the very least, the Peabody ducks. Thus, Morant is already in the presence of incredibly impressive Memphian company. If the Grizzlies beat the Warriors, he should rent out the Memphis Pyramid.

As Morant does donuts on his jet ski in the flooded out basement of the greatest Bass Pro Shop ever, Kenny Powers style, he should remember the only way to beat the troll that is Green is to end the Warriors’ season in the playoffs. Here is to Morant taking back the real estate inside of his own head from the Warriors, as the Grizzlies host the greatest party Beale Street will ever see.

For now, Green can troll however he wants on social media because he is an absolute champion.

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