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DH San Diego Brawlhalla Takes Over Event for Three Day Tournament

DH San Diego Brawlhalla Takes Over Event for Three Day Tournament

DreamHack Fighters is getting bigger this year, with a huge roster of events for fighting games. Out of every title at the tournament though, Brawlhalla is the main event. This is the tournament with the biggest prize pool and the most at stake. The DH San Diego Brawlhalla event is coming around the Spring Championship, with another chance for players to see just who is the best.

DH Fighters is taking place over the full three days of DreamHack San Diego. However, the Brawlhalla tournament is getting the biggest time slot and most space. This is how it’s all going to work.

DH San Diego Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla DH San Diego

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The Brawlhalla DH San Diego event is taking place over the entire weekend. Unlike the other games, it’s basically getting the entire three-day schedule to run through its two events. This is probably down to more players taking part in the event, thanks to the much bigger prize on offer.


The format for the DH San Diego Brawlhalla event is pretty familiar, but it’s expanded compared to the other top fighting games at the tournament. Things start off on Friday when 2v2 is taking place. Pools are all day before we get down to the top 32 and then 16 in a bracket format.

1v1s starts up the second day where we’ll similarly see a lengthy session as the players draw down through the top 16 players.

The final day for Brawlhalla is Sunday. Here there’s the top 4 bracket for Duos running in the morning. The evening is going to be taken up by the double elimination bracket for the top 8 of singles. This runs us right through to the closing of DreamHack.

Brawlhalla DH San Diego Prize Pool

Brawlhalla DH San Diego

With a tournament taking up the entire running time, there’s a promising prize pool on offer for Brawlhalla here. This is how the prizes break down for the event.

  • 1st – $7,500
  • 2nd – $2,000
  • 3rd – $3,500
  • 4th – $2,000
  • 5-6th – $1,750
  • 7-8th – $1,200

The prizes are being matched for both 1v1 and 2v2. Although, with doubles the prize money is split between the pair instead.

How to Watch the Brawlhalla DH San Diego tournament

The event is going to be broadcast live to follow along at home. You can catch everything on the official Brawlhalla esports Twitch and YouTube. This is a nice way to show things, it means we won’t be cutting away from the finals to the other games on offer at DreamHack 2023. If you want, you can tune in exclusively to the Brawlhalla action! It’s worth keeping an eye on the other fighters at the event too, there are quite a few major tournaments we’ll expect to see like Guilty Gear DreamHack San Diego and more.

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