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Bidemi Went From Blocking Andrew To Saying Yes To Forever!

Bidemi Went From Blocking Andrew To Saying Yes To Forever!

Bidemi and Andrew’s sweet love story is one for the books! It’s the kind of story that makes you believe in fate and second chances.

When Andrew saw Bidemi’s photo on his friend’s status, he was immediately smitten and decided to shoot his shot. Unfortunately, Bidemi wasn’t quite ready for a relationship with him at the time and blocked him. Ouch! However, love has a funny way of working things out because two years later, they found the way into each other’s arms. Now, they’re on their way to happily ever after! Their pre-wedding photos are absolutely stunning, and  you can  tell that these two are meant to be!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love stories below:

Their love story as shared by Bidemi:

I first spoke to Andrew in October 2017, via a mutual friend. The friend gave my contact to him so that I could assist him – he was having problems sending money to Nigeria. I was able to resolve it when he called and gave him tips for any future problems. Asides from speaking over the phone, neither of us knew how the other looked.

He saw my picture on the same friend’s status, although he was unaware that I was the same person who had assisted him weeks earlier. My friend told him and he remembered our conversation, and he immediately started interacting with me. He asked me out, but I politely rejected. He kept on insisting, so I got fed up and blocked his contact.

Fast forward to two years later, my sister happened to see him on that friend’s status and couldn’t stop complimenting the stranger. I glanced over out of curiosity, and it was the same person I had blocked. I proceeded to unblock him to show that I am familiar with him. He noticed in less than five minutes that I had checked his status and he said hello. After exchanging pleasantries, he asked me “whether I was still in a serious relationship” and of course, I wasn’t. He continued, “You will be my wife,” and I actually chuckled because I didn’t think he was serious. Wonder who is laughing right now? He did marry me, which was unbiased by that statement and only motivated by pure intent.


Bride @bidand00h

Groom @arewa_chiefpriest

Planner @cherrybees_events

Photography @raremagic_gallery

Makeup @dyanbeauty__

Hair @hairflutter

Dresses @viandi_vogue | @styledbylayo

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