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Apple software will become more prominent in vehicle dashboards

Apple software will become more prominent in vehicle dashboards

Apple on Monday announced significant updates to CarPlay at the Worldwide Developers Conference event, as the company looks to upgrade it from an infotainment system to a software solution that will allow drivers to control parts of their car and show more information such as speed and fuel level.

The iPhone maker said it is talking to several automakers to bring the new generation of the software to their cars, which will be announced from late 2023.

Here’s what Apple is working on for CarPlay:

Multiple screens support

CarPlay will support multiple screens on cars irrespective of size and layout and will be able to show information including weather and navigation, according to images posted during a presentation.

Widgets powered by the iPhone will be available across all screens in a vehicle including the instrument cluster, with multiple styles of dials, layouts, themes and colors.

Automakers to support next-gen CarPlay

Apple gave a long list of carmakers that could endorse the program. Among the prominent names are Ford Motor Co., Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Honda Motor Co. and Jaguar Land Rover.

Integrationwith iPhone

With the next generation of CarPlay, drivers will be able to change temperature settings, use apps such as the Audiobooks, News, Podcasts and tune the car’s radio without leaving the CarPlay interface.

The iPhone will communicate with the vehicle’s systems in real time in a “privacy-friendly way” to show driving information such as speed, fuel level and temperature.

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