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A Strong Independent NASS Will Power Nigeria’s Economic Recovery, says Civil Society Organisation

A Strong Independent NASS Will Power Nigeria’s Economic Recovery, says Civil Society Organisation

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – A robust and independent national parliament is a vital precondition for Nigeria’s economic revival. That is why we are calling for a national assembly leadership that is strong, impartial, independent, and aware of its constitutionally mandated tasks.

Danladi Garba Isaac, Executive Director ,The People’s Care And Advocacy Initiative (TPCAI) on Saturday told journalists that Because the legislature checksmate corrupt behaviors and economic sabotage through its oversight functions, the leadership of the national parliament must be inhabited by persons who do not have corruption cases against them.

The Buhari administration has left behind over 46 trillion naira in debt, and around 133 million Nigerians are trapped in multidimensional poverty. Furthermore, according to UNICEF, 25 million Nigerians are at risk of hunger, with 10 million children out of school and many facing pervasive insecurity.

Given the foregoing, the 10th Senate must work particularly hard to turn Nigeria’s economic fortunes, as mandated by the constitution in sections 80 and 81. In order to moderate and properly manage Nigerians’ foreign loans, the Nigerian Senate must utilize its authority in addressing loan requests by the executive branch of government, as well as take a leaf from the United States government and embrace their debt ceiling strategy.

Every public servant and institution would perform efficiently if Nigerian legislators prioritize accountability. Economic recovery and poverty reduction cannot be left solely to the president and his cabinet.

The Nigerian parliament must recall Thomas Sankara’s remarks, “We must choose either champagne for a few or safe drinking water for all.”

As concerned Nigerians, we urge the National Assembly to prioritize good education and medical facilities for everyone over academic and medical tourism for a few fortunate Nigerians.

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