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7 types of affairs you may not have heard of

7 types of affairs you may not have heard of

We all know about the infamous term affair which literally means a romantic or sexual relationship that takes place outside of a committed relationship.

It is generally about betrayal or deceit. But did you know that there are several forms of affairs and they can have varying degrees of emotional involvement?

Here are seven types of affairs you probably had no clue about.

1. Emotional affair

An emotional affair is when one partner develops a deep emotional connection with someone outside of the relationship. This may include sharing personal information, confiding in each other, and seeking comfort and support.

2. Sexual affair

A sexual affair involves physical intimacy with someone outside of the relationship. This can include one-night stands or ongoing sexual relationships.

3. Cyber affair

A cyber affair is a type of affair that takes place online. This can include flirting, sexting, and having sexual conversations with someone through text messages, social media, or dating apps.

4, Revenge affair

A revenge affair is when one partner cheats in response to being cheated on or to get back at their partner for some other perceived wrong.

5. Serial affair

A serial affair is when someone repeatedly engages in affairs, often with multiple partners. This can signify a deeper psychological issue or a lack of commitment to any one relationship.

6. Midlife crisis affair

A midlife crisis affair is when someone feels the need to reassess their life choices and turns to an affair as a way to escape their problems or feel younger and more alive.

7. Opportunistic affair

An opportunistic affair is when one of the partners takes advantage of a situation to have an affair. This can happen when a person is in a vulnerable state, such as when they are traveling for work, going through a divorce, or dealing with a recent breakup.

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