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6 ways you can compliment your man’s s*x skills

6 ways you can compliment your man’s s*x skills

Men love it when their partners compliment them on their skills in bed.

Their face immediately lights up and they are filled with pride when their partner loves their sexual performance as it is a necessary part of any relationship.

Compliments can make men feel beloved, confident and very happy.

If you’re looking to compliment your man’s skills in bed, here are some things that you can say to him.

1. “You’re so hot”

This is simple yet impactful. Telling your guy that he is so hot is definitely going to make him feel sexy, confident and handsome. This will boost his confidence and self-esteem and this will directly affect the sex you have with him, in a positive way.

2. “You have amazing stamina”

Your man is going to love this one! Telling your partner they have amazing stamina in bed is going to make them go harder in bed. He will try to perform even better at sex and make you orgasm with pleasure if you say this to him.

3. “I love kissing you”

Kisses are very intimate and personal. But they are very lustful, desirable and sexy. Telling your man that you love kissing them is like a cherry on top for them. You can elaborate further by saying how you love biting or sucking their lips, for a better reaction.

4. “You are so good at doing this…”

If there is something that your man is particularly a pro at, make sure you compliment him for it. Whether it’s performing oral sex or going hard at the doggy position. When your man knows how good he is at doing something particular, he may get even better at it!

5. “Nobody can make me feel the way you do”

Telling your man that he is the best at what he does is an instant confidence and mood booster. He will definitely appreciate you complimenting him, especially since you are stressing about the fact that he is the best you have ever been with.

6. “You wore me out”

When you are left completely breathless after sex with your man, he will feel proud and amazing at the fact that he wore you out. And when you are left tired and completely drained of your energy, it is a sign that the sex was immensely passionate and wild.

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