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They talked for 1 hour on the phone: Is Singapore actor Zong Zijie dating Taiwanese actress Kuo Shu-yao?

They talked for 1 hour on the phone: Is Singapore actor Zong Zijie dating Taiwanese actress Kuo Shu-yao?

Drima ChakrabortyPUBLISHED ONSeptember 06, 2023 7:14 AMByDrima Chakraborty

[UPDATE: 5.10pm]

Zong Zijie called the dating rumours “exaggerated” in an interview with 8World. When asked if he sees a romantic future with Kuo Shu-yao, he added that it was unlikely as he finds long-distance relationships not so “appealing”.

Co-stars who get together in real life are always a hot topic, but is that happening between Singapore-based Chinese actor Zong Zijie and Taiwanese actress Kuo Shu-yao?

Mirror Media spotted Shu-yao, also known as Yao-yao, engaged in a lengthy video call with Zijie after a late-night hotpot dinner with friends.

They reported that the 33-year-old was out in Taipei with singer Shou, his girlfriend YouTuber FanFan Chiao and YouTuber Alina Cheng until around 1am.

Following this, Shu-yao was seen walking outside, presumably heading home, while talking to Zijie on the phone for an hour.

The two acted together on the upcoming local movie The Chosen One, which began filming in June.

In an interview for the 2021 movie Say Yes Again, where her character gets pursued by a man seven years her junior, Shu-yao said that she wouldn’t mind dating younger men considering she had already done so twice with SpeXial band member Riley Wang, 27, and dancer Chin Yang, 31.

“Those who are older may not want to be with me,” she joked, inviting men 20 years old and up to “be bold and woo” her.

Zijie is six years her junior at 27.

However, Shu-yao’s agency has responded to the dating rumours by claiming that they are only friends and that the whole cast for The Chosen One are close.

“She can chat with many people for an hour,” they said.

They added that Shu-yao and Zijie are both involved in different projects now and will not have the chance to work together again until The Chosen One begins promotions next year.

Local host Dasmond Koh, who founded Zijie’s management company NoonTalk Media, shared an article about the rumour on his Instagram Story, writing: “Did y’all get caught? Haha.”

He added: “I have no opinions. The guy is warm, the girl is virtuous.”

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