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Steward Baylor Jr Steals the Little Raccoon National Enduro Win in the Final Test

Steward Baylor: “I knew I was going into the last section down and I have won a lot of my championships and races because of that last test. Everyone talks about in Enduros that slower is faster, but when you gotta make up time like that there is no slower, it’s straight sending it.

Round 7 of the 2023 Magna 1 AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing met in Southern Ohio of the 49th Annual Little Raccoon National Enduro. Wellston, Ohio has been dry most of the year and this created dusty conditions for the 70 mile enduro. Tight, flowing, technical single track was on the agenda in the hills of the coal mine country.

Coming out firing for the day was Monster Energy Babbitts Racing Kawasaki rider Grant Baylor winning both the first two tests for the day, despite having a big crash in test 2. Grant Baylor fell a little off the pace in test 3 allowing Coastal GasGas rider Ryder Lafferty to grab the test 3 win. Ryder Lafferty also was able to put in the fastest time for the 5th test ultimately landing him in the 3rd spot on the overall podium.

Grant Baylor: “It was kind of a bummer to lead all day and give it up on the last test of the day. All in all it was a good day with the points and I have a chance to wrap up the championship at the next round in Indiana.””

Grant Baylor also was able to win test 4 and was carrying the lead into the final test of the day. Grant now holds a 37 point lead over second place Josh Toth and can mathematically wrap up the 2023 Championship a round early. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Tely Energy KTM rider Steward Baylor Jr seemed to be consistent all long but wasn’t able to grab a test win until the last test of the day in typical Stu fashion throws down the fastest time of the field to sneak past his competitors and take the overall win on the day.

Am Pro Yamaha’s Ricky Russell came home seventh overall.

Steward won the day over Grant by just 9 seconds. Ryder Lafferty was another 16 seconds back in third place. Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarna rider Craig Delon was 4th overall. Redbull Factory KTM rider Ben Kelley was 5th overall, Enduro Engineering GasGas rider Josh Toth was 6th overall. AM-Pro Yamaha rider Ricky Russell was 7th overall and Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarna rider Trevor Bollinger was 8th overall, all from the NE Pro1 class.

Liam Draper: “It was a good day, I was a little worried how dusty it was going to be, but it was actually pretty good. I felt good  and was a little bummed to see I lost the last test by 1 second to not have the clean sweep on the day”

Finishing 9th overall and 1st in the NE Pro2 class was AM-Pro Yamaha rider Liam Draper. Liam has won every other race this season trading wins with GasGas rider Thorn Devlin.  Liam won each of the first 5 tests in the NE Pro2 class before getting edged out on the final test by Thorn Devlin who finished 4th in the class for the day.

Overall Top 10

  • Steward Baylor Jr- KTM
  • Grant Baylor- Kaw
  • Ryder Lafferty- Gas
  • Craig Delong- Hus
  • Ben Kelley- KTM
  • Josh Toth- Gas
  • Ricky Russell- Yam
  • Trevor Bollinger- Hus
  • Liam Draper- Yam
  • Evan Smith- Beta

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