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Spice Reacts To Erica Mena’s ‘Blue Monkey’ Insult After Singer Said Erica Is Disliked By Her Eldest Son

Spice Reacts To Erica Mena’s ‘Blue Monkey’ Insult After Singer Said Erica Is Disliked By Her Eldest Son

Spice and Erica Mena got into a heated exchange during a lunch outing on a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop ATL.” While discussing Erica’s marriage to Safaree Samuels, tension turned to insults and attempts at physical violence. After Spice targeted Erica’s relationship with her eldest son, King, Mena flipped a table.

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Though the show crew prevented the women from beating on each other, they both threw objects and hurled insults from across the restaurant. At one point, Mena proclaimed the Jamaican singer should’ve died during her health scare last year. Erica also labeled her castmate a “blue monkey,” which caught fire online for its historically racist undertones. While leaving the venue, she also directed monkey sounds at the singer.

On Wednesday, Spice took to Instagram to respond to Erica’s insults. She compared Erica’s reaction to her with her responses to Lil Scrappy and Stevie J in separate, similar incidents.

“Kids are off limits right????? But I guess it’s only when I ask cause where’s the same energy when Scrappy and Stevie J talked about it, but now I’m a monkey and should have died on the table? Ok Erica,” Spice wrote.

As previously reported, in November 2022, Spice shut down rumors of suffering a coma or heart attack. However, the dancehall artist revealed her body underwent severe sepsis after a damaged hernia.

She celebrated her “second rebirth” in March with a fake pregnancy photoshoot that sent social media into a tailspin. She also gave additional details of her medical scare, including that she “literally died.”

LHHATL’s Shekinah & Social Media Users React To Erica Mena’s “Monkey” Insult Towards Spice

Erica has yet to respond — at least publicly — to Spice’s call out. But the singer isn’t the only one tussling with Erica’s “monkey” insult and death wish.

During the same episode, castmate Shekinah Anderson acknowledged how Erica Mena’s comment landed. Shekinah was also present for the almost-brawl.

“Erica I cannot believe you, you just called this girl a monkey and then said she should’ve died. What type of sh*t is this? You have Jamaican children. Would you like if someone called your children monkeys? You shouldn’t have did that Erica. That was out of line.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, Erica Mena was top-trending on X (formerly Twitter).


This Isn’t Colorism. This Is Racism

Erica Mena isn’t Black. Colorism is exercised within the same ethnic group/race. Calling Spice a “monkey” is pure, cut & dry textbook RACISM

I implore the confused to get off of social media and open a book/dictionary

— sa: (@notshawnallen) August 30, 2023

“Spice wasn’t talking bad about her son.”

Correct! But, criticizing her parenting, saying her son hates her, is a trigger; she flipped a table on her! Spice intentionally cut deep & Erica Mena responded to cut deeper..

You can’t tell a person how to respond to being attacked.

— Jerome Trammel (she/her he/him) (@MrJeromeTrammel) August 30, 2023

Erica Mena is a white latino racist cosplaying as black woman. To call THEE Spice BLACK & MONKEY then a BLUE to say she should’ve died?


— 🥀 (@rabbigracias) August 30, 2023


Spice: “My son LOVES me & you can’t relate!”


— Rachel. (@_loveRachel_) August 30, 2023

Y’all need to pack Erica Mena up like y’all packed Evelyn Lozada up! Because enough is enough! She is DISGUSTING! 🤮🤢 BASURA!! IDC! I’m sure she calls Safaree a dancing monkey too! 🥴 #LHHATL

— Bravo’s Prison Pipeline (@livelovesimone) August 30, 2023

Evelyn Lozada, Laura and Gloria Gloven, Erica Mena, all the same. They have this unprovoked nasty anti black hate for black women but this unwavering obsession for black man- it was uncanny to watch cause they never even try to hide it.

— Tittygate 2023 (@jiggyjayy2) August 30, 2023

Erica Mena fucked a black man, marry him and have kids by a black man just to turn around and call a black woman monkey? Nah that racist dried up bitch gots to go!

— OkSach (@CashMom__) August 30, 2023

Bambi still being friends with and fighting for Erica Mena who calls a black woman a MONKEY??? #LHHATL

— Bravo’s Prison Pipeline (@livelovesimone) August 30, 2023

Erica’s silence on social media about the incident might be attributed to other looming legal troubles. Atlanta police arrested Mena, Bambi, and ZellSwag inside the Lucca Lounge last Friday (Aug. 25).

Lounge employees reportedly asked the group, including Saucy Santana, before he left the scene to leave, and their alleged refusal turned into a tussle with security.

Mena was hit with four charges, including two counts of simple battery, one count of battery against an officer, and one count of willful obstruction of justice.

After the arrests, Saucy claimed Erica was “very belligerent” amid the chaos.

Meanwhile, Bambi spoke exclusively with The Shade Room’s Justin Carter about what led to their arrests.

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