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“She’s Already Tired of this Relationship”: Video of Sad-looking Bride Frowning While with Her Hubby Trends

“She’s Already Tired of this Relationship”: Video of Sad-looking Bride Frowning While with Her Hubby Trends

  • A trending video of a sad-looking bride making a walk with her husband has sparked mixed reactions
  • On a day that was supposed to be the happiest of her life, the lady had a pitiable countenance while her hubby looked happier
  • Many people who watched the video wondered if the lady was forced into the marriage, while others found it hilarious

On what was supposed to be one of the loveliest moments of her life, a newly-wedded bride was noticeably looking sad.

A video of the couple making a walk amid cheers from happy adults and children sent social media users into a frenzy.

Sad-looking bride frowns, weddingSad-looking bride frowns.

Photo Credit: @teinessSource: TikTok

While the groom had a smile on his face and tried to hold his bride to look the part, the lady frowned throughout.

It is not clear where the wedding was held and the reason behind her countenance was not disclosed. The video has amassed over five million views on TikTok with diverse talking points.

Watch the video below:

Reactions on social media

user5581267770120 said:

”Wedding done this year were all full of brother Bernard.”

user5824015152415 said:

”What’s wrong with this couple, they are very sad. May the almighty God help you.”

keykey said:

”If they had celebrated their marriage being in their house clothes, wouldn’t that be better? no smile on their face even.”

favorahiantan said:

”What a lot of people are looking for hummmm rejoice and give thanks it’s a pure grace that the Lord has given you.”

keza Mulinda said:

“Uuuuh I think they forced her.”

Queen said:

“Aunt yang’o gettin married finally …buh she look like she tired already.”

happiness said:

“Do these two know what they are getting into, coz thet are already tired.”

mayah19 said:

“People are getting married and am here nobody sees my forehead.”

Couple frown as they exchange rings

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a couple had refused to smile at their wedding occasion.

They both had big frowns on their faces. Immediately the man gave the woman the ring, she withdrew her hands sharply.

The video showed when the officiating cleric told him that the ring is not on the right finger, and the man complained, trying to blame the woman for it. The whole scene looks as if they were being forced into marriage.


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