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OpenText and Google Cloud collaborate on new AI offerings

OpenText and Google Cloud collaborate on new AI offerings

OpenText has announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud, just weeks after it unveiled, its vision and strategy for artificial intelligence.

The Waterloo-based company says that its information management solutions and Google Cloud’s AI capabilities will help organizations surface insights quickly, boost productivity and transform customer experiences.

“Information is the cornerstone of every business decision, and AI is the beacon illuminating the path to intelligent action,” said Muhi Majzoub, chief product officer, OpenText. “Today, we stand at the crossroads of a remarkable synergy – the fusion of AI and information – a combination that empowers businesses to work smarter and to chart a new course of growth.”

OpenText previously announced that it plans on infusing generative AI into areas such as customer service and business support, marketing, and sales.

It now says that it will be using Google Cloud Vertex AI and the Palm2 large language model (LLM) to address the above use cases, and, notably, facilitate and speed the development of high-quality software applications.

“Our partnership across Google Cloud and our OpenText Application Delivery Management (ADM) team has led to the best industry thinkers working towards using generative AI to bring forth industry disruptive technologies for faster, smarter, and lower risk software delivery,” said Tal Levi Joseph, vice president, products and engineering, OpenText.

OpenText ADM, he added, is announcing an early access version of the new generative AI capabilities on the ValueEdge platform, which will be generally available in the fall with the release Cloud Editions 23.4.

Earlier this month, the company also announced OpenText Content Aviator, an LLM which enables conversational search experience to access and engage with stored knowledge. Future AI capabilities, the company says, are in development, using Google Cloud Vertex AI.

Additionally, Google Workspace customers will now be able to explore their repositories managed by OpenText’s content management platform via Core for Google Workspace

“Google workspace is very big in the mid-market,” explained Majzoub. “And our goal is through our partnership to reach deeper into the mid-market where the Core Content platform can allow both of our companies to add value to our joint customers and enhance their document management experience, collaboration, their journey into the cloud, and their digital transformation.”

To accelerate customers’ migration to the cloud, the company also announced that its OpenText Application Modernization solutions will be embedded in Google Cloud’s Dual Run solution. This, the company says, will allow customers to modernize off the mainframe and mitigate the risks associated.

Majzoub affirmed in an interview with ITWC that OpenText has not yet scratched the surface when it comes to AI innovation

“I believe we still have five to 10 years where AI will continue to flourish and grow,” he said. “And the only reason I say that is because there are many, many great minds in our industry who are thinking of use cases where they can leverage AI.”

He added, “I could tell you at OpenText, we only have six Aviator products working, but I can assure you, our product management team has 50 new ideas that I just haven’t gotten to prioritizing and putting into the software factory to start building. So the opportunity is huge. I can tell you we are excited.”

The company also acquired an Ireland-based provider of business process and project management solutions, KineMatik, this week. Majzoub said that OpenText is at an early stage of its roadmap in regards to this acquisition, but that, by October, KineMatik will have a key place among OpenText’s solutions, bringing new opportunities and value to customers.

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