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No Man’s Sky Echoes Update Out Now

No Man’s Sky Echoes Update Out Now

No Man's Sky Echoes Update Out Now - Adds the Autophage, Outlaw Capital Ships, and More

William D’Angelo
, posted 3 days ago / 2,052 Views

Hello Games has released the Echoes update – version 4.4 – for No Man’s Sky.

The update adds mechanical lifeforms called the Autophage, outlaw capital ships, multi-tool salvaging, and more.

View the Echoes update trailer below:

Read details on the update below:

Meet a secret society of robotic aliens in update 4.4, ECHOES! Furthering the narrative introduced in INTERCEPTOR, explore the mysteries of the Autophage, perform their rituals, learn their language, and assemble your own ceremonial staff. In deep space, confront huge outlaw dreadnoughts, sweep through their trenches and destroy vulnerable components in new tactical space combat—and much more!

  • Mechanical Lifeforms – Uncover the Autophage, a long-hidden civilization of robotic beings. With bodies cobbled together from scrap metal and salvaged technology, these wandering constructs appear in a huge variety of styles—from slender pipe-wrought robots to hefty cloth-draped machines.
  • Outlaw Capital Ships – In the darkness of deep space, fearsome Pirate Dreadnoughts cruise between the stars and terrorize merchant fleets. Confront them to rescue the civilians from certain death!
  • Multi-Tool Salvaging – Become a Multi-Tool salvage hunter with the new Multi-Tool Decommissioning Terminal aboard the Space Anomaly. Refine your collection and earn valuable upgrades and salvage material by dismantling surplus weaponry.
  • They Who Returned – Join minds with Priest Entity Nada to investigate, meet, and perhaps befriend the mysterious robotic Autophage. A guided mission chain brings many hours of narrative and adventure, exploring the origin of these secretive constructs and what it means for the universe as a whole.
  • Foveated Rendering for PlayStation VR2 – Utilizing eye-tracking technology, this advanced rendering technique boosts resolution and detail at the center of your vision, sharpening and beautifying the things you focus on.
  • Starship Combat Depth – Maximize your starship’s capabilities by diverting power to engines, shields, or weapons—depending on your current combat situation. Supercharge your engines to close in on your enemies at top speed, then obliterate them with max-powered weapons!
  • Trench Run  Even the odds against outlaw Dreadnoughts by swooping directly into their superstructure! Utilize all the precision and agility of your starship to strike at the vulnerable core of these huge, hulking capital ships.
  • Voyagers Expedition – Explore the universe and catalogue its marvels in the VOYAGERS expedition. Seek the deepest oceans, tallest mountains, most idyllic planets and strangest alien creatures, and record your findings for unique exotic rewards.
  • Exclusive Expedition Rewards – Participate in the Voyagers expedition to earn a generous assortment of exclusive rewards. Decorate your base with Autophage replica parts as well as a poster set befitting a seasoned explorer, adorn your companions with mechanical paws, electrify your jetpack trail, and travel the universe alongside the wilful HoverDroid companion.
  • Atlantid Multi-tool – Expand your arsenal with the new Atlantid class of Multi-Tool, available in hundreds of variations. Probe the secrets of ancient monoliths to find and claim this runic, nanite-infused technology.
  • Holographic Museum – Construct a Wonder Projector display in your base and showcase your favorite fauna, flora, and celestial body Discoveries. In addition, planetary Wonders now track and display the Portal Glyphs for their location, allowing quick return to your most remarkable discoveries.
  • Destructible Freighters – Realize your raiding ambitions with explosive space combat. All capital ships—from outlaw dreadnoughts to merchant freighters—can now be reduced to stardust, allowing piratical pilots to earn additional scrap after looting each and every cargo pod. A brand-new combat HUD tracks the hull integrity of large vessels, allowing starship pilots to plan their attacks with precision.
  • Robotic Customization – Engage in assignments and rituals for the Autophage to earn a huge array of mechanical customization parts. Assemble the pieces to create your own robotic avatar. These new armor and cloth pieces can be mixed and matched with all existing armor sets, creating a vast array of potential new looks.
  • Precision Freighter Combat – Tactical space combatants can target individual freighter modules to eliminate defences and sabotage weaponry. Destroy generators to disrupt shields, cripple engines to prevent warps to safety, and eradicate artillery turrets to protect merchant vessels.
  • Autophage Medals – Establish and build a reputation with the robotic Autophage faction by completing their missions and learning their language. Create an impression to earn exclusive honorary titles.
  • Voltaic Staff – A traditional ceremonial piece, the Voltaic Staff is a new class of two-handed Multi-Tool. Its construction is a rite of passage for many Autophage, symbolizing a pilgrimage across realities.
  • Outlaw Reputation – Smuggle, loot, and raid your way through the galaxies to impress the outlaws of the universe. Achieve milestones, earn medals and acquire exclusive titles for your nefarious activities.
  • Capes on Switch – Cape customizations have been enabled for players on Nintendo Switch, and all Travellers adopting a Vy’keen appearance may also now don capes.
  • Pirate Frigates – Destroying the outlaw dreadnought will leave its support fleet desperate and vulnerable. Recruit these survivors to add pirate frigates to your fleet! These sleek and intimidating crafts are certain to strike fear into the hearts of enemies on combat-focused fleet expeditions.
  • Autophage Visions – Infuse ancient Korvax monoliths with the mysterious Atlantideum to access an unseen story. Interface with these dissonant structures to experience the minds and history of the Autophage through a surreal series of visions.
  • Nintendo Switch Visual Improvements – A highly customized version of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2), tailored specifically for No Man’s Sky on Switch, now provides higher image quality for Switch players. This temporal upscaling technology has been combined with dynamic resolution scaling to offer not only a boost to visual quality, but also improved and smoother framerates. Learn more about FSR 2 on the AMD site.
  • Dazzling Jetpack Trails – The Quicksilver Synthesis Bot has been inspired to synthesize a collection of lavish new jetpack trails—ranging from dazzling clouds of ionized matter to a playful explosion of rainbow confetti. Coming soon to the Space Anomaly!
  • Autophage Assignments – Travellers wishing to elevate their status among the Constructs—and earn unique rewards—can undertake procedurally-generated missions for the Autophage, tailored to the specific conditions of their home planet.
  • A Universal Secret – Cloaked Autophage encampments can be found across all inhabited planets, for Travellers who know where to look. Using Autophage scan technology to sweep near sites rich in salvageable material—such as freighter crashes or damaged machinery—can often reveal hidden Constructs.
  • Rebuilt Exosuit Modules – Constructed by the Autophage, these improvised upgrade packages are engineered from salvaged and repurposed technology. Autophage Synthesis Terminals will dispense these unpredictable but potent modules in exchange for precious Void Motes.
  • No Escape for the Wicked – If critically-damaged, outlaw Dreadnoughts may attempt to flee the battlefield by warping to safety. Those who wish total destruction upon the pirates will have to target the vessel’s colossal warp engines and force the Dreadnought to meet its fate…
  • Autophage Language – The Autophage communicate in a unique, visually distinct language. Expand your alien vocabulary with hundreds of new words to learn.
  • Colossal Space Cannons – Pirate fleets bring a range of new and exotic weaponry to their raids. The massive heat cannons mounted to the Dreadnought tear through even the strongest freighter shielding, while the supporting pirate frigates release waves of deadly torpedoes upon merchant capital ships. Intercept and destroy these slow-moving missiles with your starship before they wreak terrible damage upon innocent freighters!
  • Twitch Drops – Enjoy streams of No Man’s Sky on Twitch to earn redeemable in-game rewards. Sign up and link your platform accounts on the Twitch Drops page, then tune in to Twitch to earn exotic base parts, high-tech starships, companion accessories, appearance modifications, and more! Launch the Echoes update and visit the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion aboard the Space Anomaly to claim your earned Twitch rewards.
  • Freighter Shields – All capital ships now activate anti-spacecraft shielding, protecting themselves from projectile and laser fire. Would-be raiders will need to think tactically or fly low to disable or bypass the shields and damage the hull beneath.
  • Personal Refiner Upgrades – A compact extension to the Exosuit, the Personal Refiner Mk 2 provides Travellers with dual-input refining capability, accessible directly from the Exosuit interface. This advanced new technology is available to research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • Create Your Own Staff – As part of ancient Autophage rituals, each Construct must hand-build their staff. Travellers can seek out and salvage a vast array of individual components, allowing them to assemble their own unique Multi-Tool.

Read the patch notes below:

The Autophage

  • A mysterious new race of mechanical constructs, the Autophage, now await discovery at hidden sites all across the galaxy.
  • Uncover their secrets during an expansive narrative-based mission that probes the Convergence, the Atlas, and the deep truths of the universe.
  • Complete this mission to earn your own Voltaic Staff: a brand new Multi-Tool with its own unique animation set.
  • The Autophage are tracked as their own faction within your Journey Milestones, with associated medals and missions.
  • Autophage lurk at planetary sites on many worlds. Earn the appropriate technology and your scanner will reveal their hidden camps.
  • The Autophage have their own unique language to learn, with hundreds of words to collect and catalogue.
  • Improve your standing among these mechanical beings to earn exclusive new player titles.
  • Travellers with good standing among the constructs may undertake a new series of procedurally generated missions for each individual Autophage, earning reputation, new words, unique rewards, and more.
  • A vast new range of Autophage customization options have been added. Earn Void Motes by assisting the Autophage, and use these to unlock these new customization options at any construct camp.
  • The Autophage offer access to new procedurally-generated Exosuit technologies.
  • In addition to robotic parts, players can earn new cloth-based customization options, including drapes, hoods, and face masks. Once earned, these can be mixed with any other customization setup, allowing for a vast array of new looks.
  • Once of sufficient standing, Travellers can earn and select from a huge array of parts and assemble their very own customized staff Multi-Tool.


  • Players who have become acquainted with the Autophage can now discover secrets within Korvax monolith sites.
  • Infusing these relics with Atlantideum allows access to new stories and lore, revealing the history of both the Korvax and the Constructs.
  • In addition, a rare new class of Atlantid Multi-Tool can be found at these sites, assembled in exchange for nanites.
  • As well as unique visuals and stats, these Multi-Tools come equipped with a Runic Lens, a fusion of mining beam and cloaking device.

Wonder Projector

  • A new base part, the Wonder Projector, has been added. Research this part aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • This holographic device can be used to decorate your base with 3D projections of your favorite discoveries.


  • Players on Nintendo Switch may now equip capes.
  • Switch players who would have otherwise earned a cape from a previous Expedition have had their saves upgraded to reflect this, and have been credited with capes they could have redeemed.
  • All players using a Vy’keen appearance may now equip capes.

Multi-Tool Decommissioning

  • Visit the Space Anomaly to use the new Multi-Tool salvage station.
  • Multi-Tools can now be broken down into valuable scrap, freeing up slots and earning upgrades and other resources.

Quality of Life and User Interface

  • An upgraded version of the Personal Refiner has been added, available to research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • This advanced refining unit allows players to combine multiple substances while on the move, unlocking mobile access to more sophisticated recipes.
  • A number of new refining recipes have been added, including basalt and runaway mould.
  • The flow for creating and assigning Custom Wonders has been refined for speed and clarity.
  • Wonders relating to planets will now show the Portal glyphs among the planet details in the popup.
  • The camera framing of interactions with Vy’keen NPCs has been improved.
  • NPCs now exhibit a greater variation in bodyshape and height.
  • The legibility of the Galaxy Map colorblind filters has been improved.
  • When starships are stationary or moving backwards, readouts are now provided in distance-based units rather than time-based units.
  • Pirates will no longer begin strafing runs upon the player’s position while the player is locked in an interaction.
  • When missions suggest players use the galaxy map, they now use the galaxy map notification icon when the map is accessible.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented adaptive trigger support from working when using a DualSense controller on PC.

    When joining another player with a brand new save, players now have the ability to fully customize their difficulty settings.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Traveller grave interactions difficult to read when playing virtual reality in high resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the shop interface to appear in an awkward position when playing virtual reality in high resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the user interface for interacting with various crates and containers to appear in an awkward position when playing virtual reality in high resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a number of options that do not apply to virtual reality to appear in virtual reality options menus.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect buttons to be suggested as the way to close some user interface elements when using Move controllers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “GENERAL” heading to appear in lowercase on the controls options page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused frigate captains to speak to the player as if their frigate had already been recruited when they present their vessel for hire.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some NPCs to be given the wrong title on a small number of user interface screens.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Target Locked” text on the starship targeting screen to become clipped on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a distorted icon to appear in some popups when playing in PSVR2.
  • Fixed a number of miscellaneous text issues.

Space Combat

  • Players can now balance power modes in their starship; switching between a balanced setup or prioritising weapons, shields, or engine systems.
  • All capital ships now benefit from heavy-duty shielding systems, protecting them against would-be pirates.
  • A bespoke user interface has been added when engaging capital ships in battle, to better track their overall shield and hull integrity.
  • All capital ships are now entirely destructible, offering additional rewards beyond simply eliminating their cargo pods.
  • Destroying cargo pods will apply a certain amount of damage to the freighter’s main hull.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow players to destroy small freighters without alerting the rest of the civilian fleet.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed recruitable frigates to contact the player at inappropriate times, such as while landing or during space combat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the starship to apply brakes while flying close to a freighter during space combat.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent landing during space combat for players who use the Auto-Follow space combat setting.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to lose standing if an AI pirate destroyed a civilian ship while they were present.
  • During space combat, your final weapon will never be damaged by incoming fire. In addition, combat-based technology damage will never leave the starship with rockets as their only functioning weapon.

Outlaw Faction

  • Outlaws are now listed as a faction alongside the various guilds, as part of the Journey and Catalogue pages.
  • A range of earnable medals have been added for the Outlaw faction.
  • Outlaw medals and standing will now earn a range of exclusive player titles.
  • Missions have been added to provide guidance for players wishing to improve their standing with these pirates.
  • Raiding civilian fleets will now improve your standing among the Outlaws.

Rendering and Performance

  • Nintendo Switch now supports a bespoke implementation of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 technology, providing high image quality and improved framerates.
  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling has been added for Nintendo Switch. This technology allows the game to maintain a consistent framerate across all scenarios.
  • Support has been added for foveated rendering when using PlayStation VR2.
  • Utilizing eye-tracking technology, foveated rendering concentrates rendering resources at the center of your vision, sharpening and beautifying the details you focus on.
  • A number of significant rendering optimizations have been introduced for virtual reality on all platforms.
  • Creature navigation has been optimized on all platforms.
  • A number of significant systemic optimizations have been introduced for all platforms.
  • Introduced a number of memory-usage optimizations for PlayStation 4.
  • Introduced a significant number of memory-usage optimizations for Nintendo Switch.
  • Introduced a number of systemic memory-usage optimizations for all platforms.
  • Introduced a significant optimization for sky rendering on Nintendo Switch.
  • Improved the quality of sky rendering on Nintendo Switch while moving relative to the sky.
  • Optimized a specific asset in use on some barren planets.
  • Introduced a specific optimization related to AI starships.
  • Introduced a specific optimization for freighter hangers.
  • Introduced a specific optimization for turret targeting systems.
  • Fixed a number of visual issues with fog and atmospheric rendering, particularly when in space or low-planet orbit.
  • Fixed a number of visual issues with the way depth of field effects interact with the sky.

Pirate Capital Ships

  • Pirate Dreadnought capital ships can now be encountered while exploring the galaxy, particularly within outlaw and high-conflict systems.
  • These huge vessels prey upon civilian fleets with a range of unique technology. Defeat them to earn significant bounty payments and large standing gains with the local lifeforms.
  • Dreadnoughts lay siege to civilian freighters with colossal heat cannons, blasting high-powered lasers over long distances. Destroying these cannons offers a way to protect the vulnerable merchants.
  • Bounty payments are significantly reduced in the event of the destruction of the civilian fleet.
  • Dreadnoughts come equipped with power deflector shields, preventing hull damage from conventional starship weapons.
  • Fly beneath Dreadnought shields and into their superstructure to target their shield generators, exposing both their hull and the delicate exposed fuel systems beneath.
  • Unique frigates form a supporting pirate battle group. These powerful ships deploy torpedoes that have the potential to wreak havoc upon the civilian fleet, and must be intercepted as a matter of priority.
  • Dealing enough damage to the Dreadnought will force it to flee. Disabling its power warp engines will prevent escape and allow you to land the killing blow.

Voyagers Expedition

  • A brand new expedition, “Voyagers” will begin shortly after the release of the Echoes update.
  • The Voyagers expedition will see players seeking the deepest oceans, tallest mountains, most idyllic planets and strangest alien creatures, and much more besides.
  • Rewards for this voyage of discovery include a set of unique posters; an exclusive electric jetpack trail; a salvaged accessory for your creature companions; a set of new Autophage-related base parts; and brand-new mechanical companion.

Outlaw Frigates

  • A new class of outlaw frigate now accompanies pirate capital ships into battle.
  • Destroying these vessels will significantly reduce the damage output of the outlaw fleet, as they are responsible for launching devastating torpedoes at opposing capital ships.
  • Once their commanding vessel has been destroyed, many frigates will surrender and offer to join your own fleet.

    Recruit these survivors as a powerful new class of combat frigate, ready to undertake missions from your own freighter.

Twitch Drops

  • A new package of Twitch drops will begin shortly. Sign up and link your platform accounts on the Twitch Drops page, then tune in to Twitch to earn exotic base parts, high-tech starships, companion accessories, appearance modifications, and more.

Mac Improvements

  • The range of game controllers supported by No Man’s Sky on Mac has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a shimmering outline when viewing objects against the sky on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue affecting controller rumble on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some keys from being rebound on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause shadows to flicker on Mac.
  • Fixed a crash related to anti-aliasing on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the screen to go black when warping on Mac.
  • Fixed a number of visual issues with the skybox on Mac.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a significant number of crashes related to memory management.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving a planet’s surface and accessing the Galaxy Map.
  • Fixed a crash related to wind.
  • Fixed a rare interaction softlock.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause large sections of freighter meshes to be removed during combat.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented derelict freighter turrets from targeting players currently using a cloaking device.
  • Fixed an issue that caused other players’ weapon audio to play far too loudly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent group member’s freighters from being loaded correctly in multiplayer when first joining a session.
  • Fixed an issue that could leave players unable to take off from their freighter or the space station if their ship was damaged and using unconventional technologies, such as the living ship or sentinel interceptor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some specific particle effects to be missing when loading a save aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some dropship cockpit exit animations to play at the wrong speed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause portals to appear active when they were not, if they had been previously activated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused terrain deposit icons to fail to highlight correctly when tagged as the primary marker in the Analysis Visor.
  • Fixed a number of rare mission issues that could occur when target NPCs or buildings were in distant systems.
  • Fixed a number of base NPC mission issues that could occur when joining multiplayer games.
  • Fixed a rare mission blocker that could occur in the Living Ship missions after participating in a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the mission or Atlas paths to go missing on the Galaxy Map.
  • Fixed a rare blocker for the Trace of Metal and/or Artemis missions if both missions required speaking to Nada or Polo at the same time.
  • Fixed a number of issues that prevented buildings from being correctly marked as visited, allowing later missions or charts to direct players to sites they had already explored.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented crashed ship sites from being flagged as visited, causing players to occasionally be directed to crash sites without ships.
  • Fixed an issue that caused two instances of the crashed freighter salvage mission to be started when visiting a crashed freighter.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the crashed freighter salvage mission to shut down early.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cadium to refine to Chromatic Metal in the wrong ratio.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented supercharged inventory slots from being correctly displayed in a newly purchased freighter’s inventory until the game was reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause frigates to fully repair themselves when teleporting aboard.
  • Fixed a number of text issues with missions that required use of a refiner.
  • Fixed an issue that caused text clipping on the refiner page in some resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the catalogue mission that guides players towards basalt to pick a planet without any basalt.
  • Fixed an issue with various catalogue and journey guidance missions that caused them to display an Objective Complete notification as soon as they started.
  • Fixed a rare issue with some pinning missions that caused the current amount / required amount numbers to be displayed the wrong way around.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong item amount could be suggested in the description text in tech installation popups.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sentinel Interceptors to fail to display their full serial number as part of their name.
  • Fixed an issue that caused untranslated text to appear when attempting to switch ships while aboard another player’s freighter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the number of pages/dots to be calculated incorrectly when looking at crafting lists or inventory transfer popups.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the dots to overflow when looking at shops with extremely large arrays of items, such as the Twitch or Expedition Rewards sections at the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow text to overflow rather than scroll in some Expedition Milestone popups.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly suggested players could craft more than one item at a time when viewing crafting steps in the tree format.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to still automatically adjust to slopes when the Camera Movement option was set to manual.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Multi-Tool to overheat too early while the mining bonus from extreme cold storms was applied.
  • The large artefact crates found at buried ruins no longer report themselves as damaged technology in need for repair, and instead suggest that they be unlocked with a key.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D’Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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