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“Na you mumu ohh” Papaya mocks her ex, Toblad, who regretted not sleeping with her after spending lavishly

“Na you mumu ohh” Papaya mocks her ex, Toblad, who regretted not sleeping with her after spending lavishly

Papaya Ex

Abike Arab Money, also known as Papaya Ex on Instagram, has fired a sly jab at her ex-boyfriend Toblad, who recently stated that he regretted not sleeping with her during their two-year relationship.

Toblad revealed on Instagram that he had never been intimate with Papaya Ex due to unforeseen circumstances.

In response to Toblad’s allegations, Papaya Ex posted a video showing herself and her pals clubbing and singing “Na you mumu ohh,” which translates to “It was you who acted foolishly.”

She also made it apparent that Toblad was the one who chose to appear stupid and ignorant during their relationship.

Papaya Ex went on to state that it was not her fault that they did not have sex and that Toblad should take responsibility for his actions.

She also addressed Toblad’s allegations that she had hired soldiers to assault him, stating that it was a baseless accusation.

Many people have took to Instagram to express their opinions on the matter.

Some fans applauded Papaya Ex for standing up for herself and not allowing her ex-boyfriend to spread false information about her.

They praised her for being confident and unapologetic, and for not letting the negative comments get to her.

Reacting to the post, One fan wrote;

“I love how Papaya Ex handled the situation. She didn’t let her ex-boyfriend’s lies get to her, and she stood up for herself. That’s how a boss lady should act.”

However, some fans criticized Papaya Ex for mocking her ex-boyfriend and singing a song about him.

They felt that she was being insensitive and immature, and that she should have taken the high road instead.

One fan commented, “I don’t think Papaya Ex’s response was necessary. She should have just ignored her ex-boyfriend and not given him any attention. Singing a song about him was just petty.

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