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Miguel’s Graphic Post Shows Bloodied Back After Suspension Performance

Miguel’s Graphic Post Shows Bloodied Back After Suspension Performance

Miguel recently shocked fans with a graphic Instagram post showcasing the aftermath of his recent performance. The picture captured dried blood piercings and a white muscle tee drenched in his blood, leaving fans both concerned and intrigued.



After an intense performance, Miguel shared the aftermath of being pierced by hooks in the air. On August 28, the boundary-pushing singer shared the graphic image on Instagram.

In the “Sure Thing” singer’s thought-provoking post, he captioned the image with the questions: 

 “What is your relationship to pain? What is your relationship to change?” 

This cryptic message adds to the mystery surrounding his performance and its significance. Miguel may use his artistry to explore deeper meanings and challenge societal norms.

One Twitter user couldn’t help but make a playful reference to one of his songs, calling him “Skywalker,” while another user humorously commented, “Man singing the hook of a song while hanging from a meat hook.” It remains unclear whether this is simply a promotional stunt for his upcoming album. 

Despite the project’s anticipation, no official release date has been announced.

The word “viscera” featured prominently in Miguel’s post, left many curious about its significance. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “viscera” refers to the internal organs within the main cavities of the body, particularly those in the abdomen, such as the intestines. 

Updated By: Kynedei Iman Hobbs (8/29/23 at 6:04 pm)

Miguel held a private listening party at Sony Studios in Los Angeles where the R&B singer shocked attendees. The 4-song set was set to promote his upcoming album VISCERA. It was also told beforehand that the show would be a “boundary-pushing” show. 

On Friday, August 25th, Miguel sat as three assistants pierced metal hooks on both sides of the singer’s back. The piercings were then hooked to a suspension machine, where he was suspended into the air for 4 minutes while performing his song, “Rope.” 

A representative for Miguel reported that he had prepared for this stunt for months with his team of experts who specialize in body suspension. The safety and execution of the performance were of utmost importance to ensure a successful show and protect Miguel from any potential harm.

The crowd was captivated by his fearless performance as he swung and sang with conviction. 

Fans took to social media to express their amazement at the spectacle. 

One fan on Twitter(X) commented, “Watching him meditate during this process was mind-blowing as well as the whole damn performance and the dance moves on point! Just a fabulous mind-blowing show.” 

Miguel’s ability to maintain focus and add intricate dance moves to the suspended performance left the audience in awe. 

However, not all responses to the performance were positive. Another supporter commented, “He doesn’t have one song where he needs to be doing this.” 

Miguel isn’t the only artist with outside-of-the-box creativity. On July 17, Drake debuted his Snapchat AI filter in which it looks like audience members are crying when, in reality, they are not. This tactic cleverly incorporates the hit song “Laugh Now, Cry Later”, enhancing the track’s emotional impact in a lighthearted and playful manner.

Updated By: Kynedei Iman Hobbs (8/29/23 at 12:24 pm)

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