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ManageTeamz Delivery Software turns from SaaS to White Label Solution

Top Quote W2S Solutions Unveils ManageTeamz – Delivery Management Software: Revolutionizing Logistics, Ecommerce, Courier, and Food Delivery Industries. End Quote

  • (1888PressRelease) July 31, 2023 – W2S Solutions, a leading tech company specializing in innovative solutions, is thrilled to announce the game-changing transformation of their flagship product, “ManageTeamz – Delivery Management Software.” The shift from Software as a Service (SaaS) to a White label Solution marks a significant milestone for W2S Solutions and showcases their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that reshape the future of the logistics, ecommerce, courier, and food delivery industries.

    Unlocking New Possibilities for Businesses : The decision to switch to a White label Solution comes as W2S Solutions aims to revolutionize the delivery management landscape. The new approach empowers businesses in various industries to leverage the power of ManageTeamz while retaining their brand identity, offering a seamless customer experience, and gaining a competitive edge.

    “As a company at the forefront of innovation, we are excited to announce the shift to a White Label Solution for ManageTeamz,” said Pratap Raj, VP of Partnership and Strategic Alliance at W2S Solutions. “With this transformation, we enable businesses to take full control of their delivery management operations and differentiate themselves in the market.”

    Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Features : ManageTeamz Delivery Management Software stands out with its comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline and optimize delivery operations:

    ◽ Real-time Tracking: Monitor deliveries in real-time, ensuring transparency and enhancing customer satisfaction.

    ◽ Route Optimization: Generate efficient delivery routes to minimize travel time and fuel costs.

    ◽ Proof of Delivery: Capture digital signatures and photographic evidence upon successful delivery.

    ◽ White-Labeled Interface: Customize the platform with the business’s branding for a consistent customer experience.

    ◽ Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into delivery performance and identify areas for improvement.

    Driving the Future of Delivery Management : The Whitelabel Solution from W2S Solutions promises to revolutionize how businesses in logistics, ecommerce, courier, and food delivery sectors operate. Companies can now harness the power of ManageTeamz’s feature-rich platform, tailoring it to their specific needs and creating a unique identity in the competitive market.

    “With ManageTeamz White Label Solution, businesses can elevate their delivery management capabilities, optimize operations, and exceed customer expectations,” Pratap Raj, VP of Partnership and Strategic Alliance at W2S Solutions added. “We are confident that this transformation will be a game-changer for the industry, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.”

    Discover ManageTeamz – Delivery Management Software

    To learn more about ManageTeamz and how it can revolutionize your delivery operations, visit For press inquiries and additional information, please contact:

    Pratap Raj,

    VP of Partnership and Strategic Alliance

    W2S Solutions


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