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Kevin Samuels, Relationship Advice Vlogger, Dead Following Incident Report

Kevin Samuels, Relationship Advice Vlogger, Dead Following Incident Report

His mother confirmed the death to NBC News on Friday (May 6) morning.

Kevin Samuels Dead


Kevin Samuels, the highly opinionated, sometimes controversial relationship advice vlogger reportedly died at the age of 56. Rumors of the death began to circulate on social media Thursday afternoon (May 5).

Independent media platform Black With No Chaser was one of the first to report confirmation of Samuels’ passing. According to the account, the self-proclaimed “guru” was the subject of an emergency call made to Atlanta first responders during the late-night hours on Wednesday (May 4) or early Thursday morning where he was found unresponsive and transferred to a local hospital where he was declared deceased.

BWNC continues to detail a witness account of the situation in this Twitter thread.

“A neighbor of the podcaster and vlogger, posted their own account of the events & Black With No Chaser spoke with the neighbor who also confirmed to us the truth of their awareness of the situation. YouTuber Melanie King, a friend of Samuels also recently confirmed on her page.”

The friend mentioned in the news thread, Melanie King, a popular vlogger of her own accord has shared posts on social media mourning Samuels. Additionally, author and public figure Marc Lamont Hill confirmed the news on his Twitter.

“I’m in shock. This is my big brother at his bday in March,” wrote King, uploading a video of Samuels enjoying a night out.

An incident report for a “Sick Person/Person Down Call” was made public by the Atlanta Police Department on Friday (May 6) morning. The report revealed that on May 5 a woman named Ortensia Alcantara called for help regarding an injured person.

The narrative was written by officer Joel. Figuereo who explained that on-scene the fire department performed C.P.R on a Black male, unresponsive on the floor of his apartment. He was identified as “Kelvin Samuels” by Alacantra according to the report, although it is spelled “Kevin” under the involved persons section.

“Ms. Alcantara stated that she met Mr. Samuels last night, came to his apartment, and spent the night with him. Ms. Alcantara also said that early morning Mr. Samuels complained of chest pain, and she attempted to help him, but he fell on top of her and proceeded to notify 911,” the report detailed.

APD expressed “APD is not able to confirm the death of anyone involved in this call—only that someone was transported to the hospital,” and continued, “If someone  has died in Fulton County the Medical Examiner’s Office should be able to confirm.”

VIBE has contacted the office requesting the release of information.

Samuels’ mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, confirmed his passing to NBC News on Friday morning excluding personal details.

“That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been notified,” she expressed to the news outlet on Friday. “All I’m doing is requesting that people pray for us.”

Kevin Samuels Future


Samuels rose to digital fame on YouTube, where he had over 1 million subscribers, and managed to garner additional followings across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The image consultant produced content popular among Black audiences seeking relationship advice, as well as general lifestyle suggestions and guidance. His opinions were often controversial for his tone and word choice, with YouTube videos titled Modern Women Charge For Submission | How Much Does It Cost? and Women Should Let Men Use Them

Although criticized by many for being misogynistic, Samuel’s platform continued to expand as his videos and clips often went viral. In February, he was able to bring his brand to an Instagram live session with Nicki Minaj. A couple of weeks later, he made a guest appearance in Future’s music video for “Worst Day” where he shared Valentine’s Day dating advice with the Atlanta rapper.

Followers and fans of Samuels have taken to social media to offer condolences and share gratitude for his work. Conversely, his critics have also used Twitter to share their messages about his messaging, both causing the popular vlogger to continue as a trending topic, even in death.

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