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Idol Worshipping Is Strange To Us In Yorubaland, Says Oluwo Of Iwo

Idol Worshipping Is Strange To Us In Yorubaland, Says Oluwo Of Iwo

…Allah Is The Way

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Ab- durasheed Akanbi, has preached against idol-worshipping in Yorubaland, urged the people to shun idolatry, saying it is a strange religion in Yorubaland, only Allah is the way. According to him: “Islam is the foundation.

The first man Allah created (Prophet Adam) was a Muslim. He was never an idol worshipper. Our origin as Yorubas is linked to him (Prophet Adam). Idol-worshipping is allien to us.” He said a time will come in Yorubaland when idolatry practices would no longer be fashionable.

“A lot of Yoruba monarchs are now disassociating themselves from idolatry practices. Islam which is the religion of monotheism and belief in Allah is the only acceptable religion to our Creator. I therefore urge our people to stop popularising idolatry practices. The first class monarch disclosed this in Lagos during Daru Da’wah 4th edition of Zuglool Annual Lecture.”

Meanwhile, the CEO of Zu- glool International UK, Imam Muntaqa Zuglool, said their plan is to translate all books written by the late Islamic scholar in Arabic to English and other languages to reach a wider audience The event was in honour of the late founder of one of the leading Arabic schools in the country, Sheikh Mustapha Sunusi Zuglool, featured the unveiling of the English version of one of his seminal works, ‘Azhar Ar-Ruba Fi Akhbari Biladi Yoruba’, meaning, ‘History of Yorubaland.’

Our correspondent gathered that the translation project was undertaken by Zuglool International Ltd United Kingdom of Imam Muntaqa Zuglool, supported by a committee of scholars, including astute professors and doctors who are products of Daru-d-Dawah.

Detailing the history of Yorubaland from diverse perspectives, the book was originally written in Arabic in 1987 by the foremost Muslim scholar and historian, Sheikh Zuglool, who died in July, 2017 at the age of 80. But now translated to English language.

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