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How Iga Swiatek, Tennis’s Most Supersonic Star, Stays Grounded

How Iga Swiatek, Tennis’s Most Supersonic Star, Stays Grounded

You’ve written an essay about being an introvert, yet your tennis style is anything but reserved. Have you given much thought to the difference between your personality and game style?

It’s huge. Yeah, I’m a different person on court. I’m really competitive. I enjoy the points and being aggressive in terms of my game style. But I never really analyzed that because I felt like it’s natural; I’m kind of switching into this beast mode for the match, and you have to do that to perform your best game. I’m much calmer off court. I don’t like noise, I don’t like crowded places. So, yeah, totally different.

You’re a big reader both on and off court. What are you reading now?

Now I’m reading [Delia Owens’s] Cry of the Kalahari. I love it; it’s like watching National Geographic but actually imagining everything. I’m also doing the reading challenge on Instagram. I just want people to read more. Everyone spends so much time on social media and YouTube, all these streaming services, that people kind of forget that reading is also a great way to spend your free time. It’s really nice to connect with people and talk about books, not just sports.

It’s a nice way to engage with your social following about doing something offline.

Yeah, you need balance in everything. It’s easy for me to not use my phone for the whole day. I feel like because of books, I can find more balance, more peace of mind. If I don’t read for a couple of weeks, I feel like I have too much chaos in my life.

You’re involved with many charitable organizations. What’s the thought process for you on who you choose to support?

Right now, I feel like if you’re a public person, everybody is expected to speak about everything. So I’m kind of choosing what I want to speak about and what I want to do, who I want to help or what causes. For sure, you know, mental health is always important to me. When the war in Ukraine started, I also wanted to help. So these are kind of two things that I focused on, but obviously in the world, we have so many issues and problems, but the thing is that I still want to be able to [be balanced] and be able to focus on tennis.

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