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Futuristic Saudi exhibition showcases Vision 2030 mega-projects on sidelines of G20 summit

Futuristic Saudi exhibition showcases Vision 2030 mega-projects on sidelines of G20 summit

RIYADH: The fourth Film Criticism Forum, organized by Saudi Arabia’s Film Commission in collaboration with the University of Tabuk, has drawn to a close.

The forum, with the theme “Technology and the Film Viewing Experience,” received significant participation from experts and film enthusiasts.

An esteemed group of critics, academics, and film artists were also present at the forum, which included workshops, screenings, and panel discussions that provided a platform for direct communication between film enthusiasts and local and international film critics and academics.

Abdullah Al-Ayyaf, CEO of the Film Commission, said: “This edition has successfully continued the tradition of previous film criticism forums. We aim to inspire critics and filmmakers to engage in critical activities that align with the growth in the field of film production within the Kingdom.”

The forum kicked off with a workshop titled “Introduction to the World of VFX,” exploring the vast field of visual effects. It also highlighted the achievements of Saudi filmmakers and producers, showcasing their cinematic experiences.

A comprehensive presentation centered on three films that have made significant advancements in technical expertise in creating digital images. The presentation showcased how computer-generated graphics are used in environmental media and documentaries, and also discussed the various purposes for which they have been used, including depicting historical events, documenting environmental systems, portraying environmental disasters, representing natural phenomena, and forecasting their application in future climate crises.

The presentation highlighted the important role of films in raising awareness about environmental issues, as well as their contribution to planning for future challenges.

The presentation, titled “Speculative Forms: Visual Futurisms and the Life of Images,” also touched on the importance of equipping cinema enthusiasts with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between images and reality. This is especially crucial in light of the proliferation of new media technologies, ranging from traditional film to post-cinema, as well as the content generated by digital media users and similar sources.

The forum included a discussion on the multifaceted dimensions of reality, influenced by human identity. It also explored how art critics interpret contemporary artistic practices and how artists utilize advancements in artistic techniques in the age of technology to enhance their work.

This edition of the forum is part of the ongoing tour, which began in Jeddah in March, followed by stops in Dhahran in May and Abha in July.

The spotlight will now shift to the fifth stop in Buraidah, scheduled for October. The tour will culminate in Riyadh with an international conference in November.

The Film Commission supports the national cultural system by hosting the Film Criticism Forum and Riyadh Film Criticism Conference. These events aim to strengthen the Kingdom’s intellectual position globally, provide opportunities for emerging film critics to showcase their work, and facilitate interaction with international experiences.

Additionally, they aim to solidify the concept of film criticism and analysis, as well as artistic, cultural, and intellectual analysis in general.

This effort helps gain acceptance for film criticism among specialized and general audiences in the national film landscape. It also establishes an annual platform for the growth and sustainability of film criticism, while facilitating connections between Saudi and international specialists.a

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