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Coptic Christians celebrate the Dormition Feast of Virgin Mary

Coptic Christians celebrate the Dormition Feast of Virgin Mary

Coptic Orthodox Churches on Tuesday celebrated the end of the Virgin Mary’s fast which lasted 15 days, where thousands of worshipers participated in the celebration carrying icons of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ, and singing melodies in commemoration of her ascension into heaven.

Celebrations began on Tuesday evening in all churches, to which large numbers of priests flocked to participate in the “Virgin’s Day” ceremonies, carrying crosses and candles topped with an icon of the Mother of Light, chanting “Peace be upon you, Mary”.

Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, presided over the festive Divine Liturgy on the occasion of the feast in Holy Virgin Mary and Michael Archangel Church in Budapest.

This comes as part of his official visit to Hungary, with the participation of members of the accompanying delegation and a number of fathers, Bishops, priests, monks, and worshipers.

Worshipers basked in the embrace of the Virgin Mary throughout their fast, held to glorify her life, while choir teams in every church sang melodies and hymns bearing her name.

Thousands of Copts from all over Egypt flocked to the churches to participate in the ceremonies of the feast and the end of the fast.

The Monastery of the Virgin Mary in Dronka, Assiut, witnessed a large turnout of Copts from Ethiopian and Eritrean churches, eager to attend the closing night of fasting.

The Bishop of Assiut Youannis headed the feast procession, amid chants filled with children’s voices, women’s ululation, and sweets being thrown church-goers.

Churches in Alexandria witnessed a great turnout from the elderly and children to the festive mass for the feast of the Virgin Mary. The celebration ceremony was presided over by Father Royce Morcos at the Orthodox Church in the Gabriel district of Alexandria.

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