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CM Radio - Nov. 2, 2016 - Los Lobos, Crystal Shawanda, Mirian

Los Lobos, Crystal Shawanda, Mirian

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  • Steve Berlin of Los Lobos tells Mike how the lack of a career plan has kept them together for over 40 years, how the success of “La Bamba” spawned some bad advice from those around them, and opens up about his experiences producing albums with The Tragically Hip and his ongoing friendship with Gord Downie. Plus, despite plenty of awards and accolades coming her way in recent years, blues-tinged country singer Crystal Shawanda says her career left her feeling like a “fish out of water.” That’s now the name of her new album, where the artist breaks free of other people’s expectations and follows her mom’s advice to make the music she wants to make. And lastly, pop artist Mirian weaves a world of eclectic sounds into an accessible and radio-ready pop sound. She talks about how her Syrian and Jordanian heritage coupled with life in Toronto has influenced her music over the years, and what fans can expect from her current Canadian tour.

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