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CHARLIE KIRK warns that Democrats are going to push through Covid restrictions AGAIN

CHARLIE KIRK warns that Democrats are going to push through Covid restrictions AGAIN

Charlie Kirk spoke with Dr. Pierre Kory on Tuesday about the pandemic-era forced masking, vaccine mandates and how these policies are beginning to make a comeback. Kirk showed a clip in which CNN’s Michael Smerconish confronted Anthony Fauci about an Oxford study, published last month, in which the lead author declared “There is just no evidence that … masks make any difference.”

“How do we get beyond that finding in that particular review?” asked the Smerconish.

Fauci clapped back in the clip, “Yeah, but there are other studies, Michael, that show at an individual level, for individuals, when you’re talking about the effect on the epidemic of the pandemic as a whole, the data are less strong.”

CDC risk assessment stating the new Covid variant is “more capable of causing infection in people who have had the vaccine.”

Kory clarified “…they’re saying the vaccine…[is] not going to protect you from this new variant. They’re also saying that about natural immunity. So basically, they’re saying this variant is more likely to evade either natural or vaccine immunity, which is another way of saying…go get your new vaccine.”

“You know, this… I mean, this absurdity of a global vaccination campaign for a highly mutagenic coronavirus.” He continued, “It was illogical before it started, and we’ve had nothing but three years of evidence to show that vaccinating against immunogenic coronavirus does not work. And yet, they keep doing it.”

He concluded, “…let’s be clear about this…yes, there are people who have benefited from this whole construct, and it’s not the common man.”

Kirk concurred, “Covid has been a boom industry for the oligarchs. The oligarchs are more powerful, they are more determined, and they have more control over society than ever after COVID.”

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