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All the Fortnite Duos Qualified for Global Championship 2023

All the Fortnite Duos Qualified for Global Championship 2023

A new end-of-year LAN is finally coming to Fortnite! In just a few months, a whole batch of Fortnite Duos are going to be competing in the same place. Chapter 4 Season 4 won’t have a regular FNCS event. Instead, it’s going to have the final LAN to finish off both Chapter 4 and the 2023 year for Fortnite esports. This new Fortnite Global Championship is a rare event and basically the biggest event for Fortnite this year. Even with third-party tournaments like the Fortnite Gamers8 event, Epic’s own blowouts are the climax.

With all three FNCS Majors completed along with the last chance qualifier, we’ve already got our Fortnite Duos locked in. To compete in this tournament, players had to win their slot through all of the other events held in 2023. So which duos have made it to the peak of Fortnite esports in 2023?

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Source: Fortnite Game on Twitter

All Fortnite Duos Qualifier for Fortnite Global Championship

Across all three Majors and the Last Chance Qualifier, we’ve seen the top team earn their slot at the Fortnite Global Championship. These are all of the Fortnite Duos who have managed to qualify so far. Each of them has already excelled in their own region for Fortnite esports this year. However, they’ll now be playing in one big international lobby instead.

Middle East

QnDx and Rapit

Kalgamer and 7Man

Mshary and Rew

FHD and Hero

Adapter and FKS


Peposlip and Zagou

Yuma and Jaemon

Boby and Larkpex

Stain and DayDus

Mkmkpapa and Shelom

Dog and Raru

Cl4x and wicx3sy

Zazi and DFM


Suns and Anon

Sorif and Skits

RepulseGod and Jace

Alex and Worthy

Gazer and Riverr


Phzin and Kitoz

K1nG and Fazer

916Gon and Pingu

Nuti and Gabzera

Stryker and azaleas

Talls and Fishy

Diguera and Persa

frosty and weY281

NA Central

Acorn and Cold

Thorik and Boltz

Dukez and Edgey

Cooper and Mero

Pollo and Sphinx

Ajerss and Khanada

Bugha and Threats

Rise and Eomzo

Brycx and Chubs

Bacca and Parz

BatmanBugha and Rapid

Ritual and Reet

Muz and Paper

Buckie and Okis

Source and Yumi

Bylah and Peterbot

Cented and Pxlarized

Death and Tahi

Clix and EpikWhale

Kwanti and Tkay

Krisp and Noxy

Fatch and PaMstou

Bully and Shadow


TaySon and Merstach

Malibuca and Th0masHD

Queasy and Veno

Vanyak3k and Karmy

Setty and Kami

Grippey and Flickzy

IDrop and Mappi

SwizzY and Putrick

TruleX and Chico

Misha and T3eny

Blacha and mikson

Robban and Axeforce

Snayzy and PodaSai

Vic0 and Pinq

Grolzz and Klown

Fastroki and Kylie

P1ng and Kyry

MrSavage and Vadeal

Nefrizi and Howly

Kyzen and Clement

Hen and Vaske

Vortex and Belusi

Fnajen and Moneymaker

JannisZ and Rezon

Kirb1 and fiR3hUNTER

Liwshe and Stenno

It’ll be all of these players that you’ll see competing in Fortnite esports to round off the year. Out of all these Fortnite duos, only one will win the Fortnite Global Championship and become the title holders for 2023.

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