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Accor Hotel Announces 100+ Job vacancies with Salary up to 9,000 Dirhams in UAE

Accor Hotel Announces 100+ Job vacancies with Salary up to 9,000 Dirhams in UAE

Accor stands as a multinational hospitality conglomerate hailing from France, overseeing the ownership, management, and franchising of hotels, resorts, and vacation accommodations.

Notably, it holds the distinction of being Europe’s foremost hospitality entity and ranks as the sixth largest globally. Spanning across more than 110 countries, Accor’s operations span an impressive 5,300 locations worldwide.

About Accor Hotel

Headquartered in France, Accor Hotels stands as a worldwide provider of lodging services. Established in 1967, the company boasts a workforce of over 300,000 employees and manages a diverse portfolio of more than 5,100 hotels and apartments spanning 110 countries. To cater to diverse consumer preferences and pricing tiers, the company operates an array of hotel brands, encompassing luxury, premium, midscale, and budget options.

With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, the company has implemented several initiatives to minimize its ecological footprint. This includes endeavors to reduce water and energy consumption, advocate for sustainable sourcing practices, and curtail waste generation. Beyond environmental efforts, Accor Hotels actively contributes to community development, health initiatives, and educational programs as part of its overarching social responsibility commitment.


The essential criteria for pursuing a career at Accor are as follows:

  • Ideally, the position should be geographically accessible within the UAE.
  • Proficiency in German, Russian, French, or Arabic is advantageous.
  • Prior experience in the hotel industry is a prerequisite.

Why work at Accor Hotel?

At Accor Hotels, team members have the opportunity to contribute to a multinational hospitality entity featuring an extensive range of hotel brands and establishments. The organization prioritizes employee development, furnishing abundant prospects for training, career progression, and fostering a welcoming work environment.

Moreover, Accor Hotels actively promotes a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life, along with offering competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits packages.

The company is resolutely committed to sustainability and social responsibility, affording employees the chance to engage in meaningful initiatives and make a positive impact. For those aspiring to forge a career in the hospitality sector, the prospect of working at Accor Hotels presents an exceptional opportunity.

How to Apply for Accor Hotel Careers

  • Access the Accor Hotels job portal.
  • Enhance your search process by utilizing location and job position filters.
  • Choose the desired position from the available options.
  • Thoroughly review the job responsibilities, working hours, compensation, and prerequisites.
  • Opt to apply for the chosen role.
  • Complete the provided form by entering your personal details, including name and surname.
  • Acknowledge your consent to the terms, conditions, and privacy policy.
  • Click the “Submit Application” button to finalize your submission.

Accor Hotel Job Vacancies in Dubai

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